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Northeast/Irving 503-635-9801 1500 NE Irving Street, Suite 110 Portland, OR 97232

Located in Southeast Portland between Burnside and Division from SE 49th to SE 76th, the Mt. Tabor neighborhood is experiencing a neighborhood renaissance of sorts, with small businesses opening in bordering communities of North Tabor, Belmont Hawthorne, and Montavilla. Aside from the adventurous distinction of living on top of a volcano, Mt. Tabor residents enjoy outdoor culture, nearby city happenings, a safe, close-knit community, and the best vistas on the Eastside. This neighborhood will only keep growing in popularity for years to come, as more and more people discover this best-kept secret of Portland living!


Part of what makes Mt. Tabor so special is its combined offering of views akin to those of Portland’s Southwest hills, combined with an even shorter commute into urban Portland. Belmont, one of the city’s most popular shopping, eating, and entertainment thoroughfares, ends on Tabor, providing a direct connection into the city for residents, and into an outdoor oasis for urban dwellers.


Mt. Tabor itself is almost entirely residential, making it a fabulous place to live apart from the bustle of the city while being surrounded on all sides by some of the best food and entertainment Portland has to offer. Becoming involved in the Mt. Tabor community is a welcoming process; the Neighborhood Association maintains a busy schedule of community events, and provides news and information about the entire neighborhood. All residents receive a copy of the SE Examiner at their homes, which keep them up to date on city news and events impacting the Mt. Tabor area.


Residents of Mt. Tabor are some of the only people in the United States who can say they live on a volcano! Tabor, named after a mountain in Israel, is a dormant (that is, considered inactive, with no previous eruptions) cinder cone volcano with a city park and neighborhood that share its name. Hiking to the summit of Mt. Tabor, an elevation of 636 feet, offers a stunning view west of the Portland skyline, with Mt Hood in the distance. On clear evenings, bikers, hikers, musicians, families, and picnickers can all be found in Mt. Tabor Park enjoying the scenery and the breathtaking sunsets from the best seats in the city.

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