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Businessman Solomon Fisher built Fisher's Landing in 1851 as a commercial shipping and refueling dock for steamships on the Washington side of the Columbia River. From the early 1900’s until the late 1960’s, it functioned as the Washington end of a ferry which crossed to Government Island. The settlement of "Fisher" developed in the surrounding area, which later became known as "Fisher’s Landing."



This peaceful, mixed-use community features well kept, tree-lined streets and parks, with good schools, community involvement and a business-friendly environment. Major employers including WaferTech, Nautilus, Sharp and Hewlett Packard are located just minutes away. A business district called Tech Center has walking trails, waterfalls and beautiful landscaping, fitting right in with the neighborhood. There are a wide variety of homes including small ranches, large custom homes, townhomes and condos.



Fisher’s Landing has easy road access to the rest of Vancouver and Portland and all that they have to offer; locally, there is a wide array of dining and shopping options. Located right off of Highway 205 is Westfield Vancouver Mall, is home to over 120 retail stores and specialty shops.



Along with dozens of neighborhood parks throughout, Fisher’s Landing has numerous outdoor activities and recreational opportunities, and all are close by. A visit to the Columbia River reveals expansive views of Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. Vancouver Lake Regional Park is 234 acres and stretches for 2.5 miles along the western shore of Vancouver Lake where visitors can enjoy picnicking, windsurfing and sand volleyball. Swimming is allowed inside a roped off area next to a sandy beach.

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