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10 Reasons to Work With a Full-Service Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

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The Hasson Company has been around since 1983, so you can believe us when we say the industry has changed significantly over the decades. There was a day when buying a home simply meant driving around to pick up flyers in front of “for sale” signs or hopping into a car with your agent, who would take you to a few homes that fit within your criteria and budget.

The internet has certainly transformed every sector of society, real estate included. Today, you can search for homes with the click of a few buttons — and know pretty much everything you need to know about them without ever having set foot inside. And, in a fast-paced, technology-centered world, many are tempted to keep the entire process virtual, relying solely on iBuying companies and other online platforms.

Sure, technology plays an important role in the transaction, from making the search process easier with apps and online search tools. Not to mention, agents can easily communicate with their clients via text or chat, and use electronic signature platforms and other tools to create a smoother, more convenient transaction. But they are just that — tools to be used by people. The human interaction simply cannot be replaced when it comes to buying and selling a home — and we’re here to prove why. This list is just a handful of the reasons it is wise to work with a real estate agent when buying a home. And, of course, in Oregon and Southwest Washington, we suggest working with a Hasson real estate broker!


Knowledge About the Area + Local Market

Why Work With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

Hasson brokers are extremely knowledgeable about the communities in which they serve, from both a real estate and lifestyle perspective. They are able to offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the full picture of living in a particular neighborhood. So if you find a home that checks all the boxes, they can tell you more information about the surrounding area, including the schools, crime rate, or potential commercial development to be aware of. Not to mention, they have an understanding of the area’s market history, and what you might expect in the years ahead.


Member Access to MLS

Search all you want on your own, but there is nothing more accurate and up-to-date as the MLS, or the Multiple Listing Service. This database tool is where all available listings live before they are fed to Zillow and other major home search sites, including Hasson’s website. This means your agent might sometimes be aware of a property in “preview” status (before it officially hits the market), so you can be ready to see it quickly and make an offer before it is overwhelmed by potential buyers. Real estate brokers and other industry professionals are the only ones with member access to the MLS, which means you cannot use it without their help.


…And Other Tools + Technology

Why Work With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

In addition to the MLS, there are many tools and technologies at an agent’s fingertips. This allows them to get the job done more efficiently and effectively, communicating more easily with all related parties throughout the entire process.

Our brokers can collaborate with their clients on HomeTracker, a tool created exclusively for The Hasson Company. Completely customize your search by entering specific parameters, save properties to your favorites list, and receive hourly email alerts with new listings, price changes and open houses. Plus, you can easily communicate with your broker, who will receive a notification when you add a property to your favorites list, and can look over any notes you included. Create an account to get started on your home search today!


Making a Competitive Offer

When it comes to remaining competitive in a hot real estate market, having a knowledgeable agent backed by an experienced managing broker on your side is everything. Regularly discussing how successful offers are structured sales meetings and amongst colleagues means your agent will know what it takes to make your offer stand out from the rest. This includes both the amount you offer and other related factors, such as covering the seller’s closing costs, being flexible with the length of the closing period, or offering other game-changing incentives to persuade the seller.


Handling Paperwork

Why Work With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

Having a Hasson broker on your side reduces the confusion and complications surrounding paperwork and the legal side of the transaction. Your agent has done this over and over again, and is not fazed by some of the jargon and fine print related to buying and selling, and will be able to translate it to terms we can all understand. They are familiar with all documents related to real estate, including contracts, property disclosure forms, inspection reports, appraisal reports, and more. Sometimes, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line when asked! Plus, they will be able to highlight some important elements so you don’t miss something that might cause problems or lead to legal issues down the road.


Advocate During Negotiation

Once the offer is submitted and reviewed, you may find yourselves in a negotiation — which is when your broker’s experience and expertise will truly shine. Your agent will act as your advocate and representative, working tirelessly on your behalf to make sure you get the very best deal. It’s a delicate dance of appealing to the seller while remaining firm in certain convictions and stipulations — and our brokers know how to balance the two so effortlessly. A good agent will remain professional, persistent and poised throughout the negotiation process, communicating with the client all the while.


Human Connection

Why Work With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

Sure, technology may be here to stay — but nothing will ever replace real-life, human connection. And we certainly learned this during the pandemic, when human connection was temporarily replaced with 2-D relationships on a screen. When you’re working with a broker, you are connecting to another human, who will be willing to go above and beyond to serve your needs. Unlike a robot, a human can listen to your explanation of why you want a home and they will be available to answer your phone call in the midst of waiting to hear back from a seller’s agent about an offer. Ultimately, your agent will also be the one who can pop a bottle of something sparkling to celebrate with you on closing day. None of these moments are possible in the world of iBuying. For many of our brokers, clients are much more than the transaction they represent; they become close friends who they are able to stay in touch with and celebrate many more milestones with in the years to come!


Remaining Objective

After seeing house after house (and sometimes putting in multiple offers), it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal. A real estate agent is able to see the bigger picture and remain objective amidst all of the emotions and less important details that may arise. They can stay focused on the main priorities you expressed, helping you talk through what you absolutely must have and what things you may be willing to compromise on.


Access to a Professional Network

Why Work With a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Home

When you start working with a real estate agent, you also gain access to the professional network. This can include a preferred lender, reliable home inspectors and contractors, and other professionals they have previously worked with and can vouch for. This network often takes years to build up, and can help eliminate any unnecessary drama or the possibility of unmet expectations. Not to mention, agents build relationships with other agents, who will often share upcoming listings internally. People love working with people they already know and trust!


Offering Emotional Support

At the end of the day, we are all humans with complex emotions. So it’s easy to get caught up in the emotional rollercoaster that is buying a home. Great agents often double as part-time therapists, helping you remain calm and stay positive throughout all steps of the buying journey. And as mentioned, they will also be there when all the happy and celebratory moments come — and they will!


Looking for a Real Estate Agent?

The Hasson Company has a roster of trusted brokers working throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Portland Metro, Southwest Washington, Central Oregon, Hood River, and the Oregon Coast. They are knowledgeable about their community’s neighborhoods, school districts and attractions, and can help you make the best decision throughout the home buying process. Contact us to be connected to one of our brokers!

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