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Vancouver 360-816-2600 101 E 6th St, Suite 230 Vancouver, WA 98660

Felida’s name has an interesting origin. The first postmaster wanted to call it Lakeview, but there was already another post office by that name elsewhere in the state. Powley was also considered, in honor of an old settler, but the official paperwork came back with the name spelled Polly, and the Postmaster objected. The Assistant Postmaster had a valuable cat named “Thomas” and suggested the town be named after the cat. But settlers rebelled against such a name for their growing town. He then suggested that they look up the scientific Latin name for the classification family of cats and found it to be Felidae. The name was then shortened to Felida and the community approved.



Felida is located between Hazel Dell and Salmon Creek in northern Vancouver, Washington. What was once a farming community is now home to over 7,000 residents. Although there are still a few farms, recent rapid growth in Felida and Clark County as a whole, make it one of the fastest growing areas in Washington.

Many of the homes were constructed in the 1970’s and range from smaller ranch styles to larger homes in gated communities. There are estates with views of Lake Washington, the Columbia River and the downtown Portland lights. Homes built in the 1990’s and 2000’s can be found in pockets of the neighborhood.



Felida consists of residential properties, farmland and parks. Residents can enjoy a stroll to one of the local bistros, but for a wider variety of restaurants, residents travel to nearby Salmon Creek and Hazel Dell. Both also feature an abundance of shopping and services.



Felida Park is 14 acres and has two full-size soccer fields and one mini-mod soccer field which are used by the Salmon Creek Soccer Club. It also has a playground, basketball courts, picnic shelter and trails. Another park was developed in honor of Sgt. Brad Crawford who was killed in the line of duty in 2004. This 2.5-acre park has open lawn play areas, picnic tables, a playground and Memorial Plaza. Raspberry Fields Neighborhood Park is 4.3 acres and features open lawn play areas, a playground, trails and picnic tables.

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