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Northeast/Irving 503-635-9801 1500 NE Irving Street, Suite 110 Portland, OR 97232

Eastmoreland is one of Portland’s most coveted neighborhoods for its beautiful traditional homes and burgeoning social scene. It borders the neighborhoods of Reed, Sellwood and Woodstock, and is recognizable in large part by the canopy of trees lining its streets, and its residents’ gorgeous front lawns and sprawling homes. Perfect for families, nature lovers, or anybody looking for a quiet, but active community a short commute from Portland’s City Center, Eastmoreland will only continue to grow in popularity and desirability in the coming years!



Some residents of the area say the Colonial and Tudor homes in Eastmoreland lend the area an East Coast vibe, but the community is pure Portland. Local printing press Timber Press offers a guide to walking tours of historical homes in Eastmoreland and Sellwood, to familiarize visitors or residents with their arboreal neighbors. As of 2006, the Springwater Corridor links Eastmoreland with other major parks in Portland, making it a beautiful and exhilarating part of the city’s bike culture.



The proximity of Eastmoreland to Reed College means that fortunate residents of this neighborhood have access to world-renowned poets, speakers, authors, and musicians when they appear at the College. Every summer, Reed hosts the Chamber Music Northwest festival, which draws musicians from around the globe.Yearly neighborhood garage sales and neighborhood cleanups are also a few of the events put on by the local Neighborhood Association, which keeps residents connected and invested in this gorgeous, historical part of Portland.



Greenery is incredibly prevalent, either on the campus of small liberal arts college Reed, or in Berkeley Park or the stunning Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, which houses more than 2,500 different flowers that blooms from March to Labor Day. The Eastmoreland Golf Course, opened in 1917, was Portland’s first public golf course, designed by golf champion Chandler Egan.

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