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Portland Uptown Office

25 NW 23rd Place, Suite 4

Portland, OR 97210

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Polly has a lifelong passion for Portland.  Born and raised in NE PDX, she can't quite shake her original stomping grounds...even purchasing the home just next door to where she grew up several years ago!  As a mom to her two teenage girls, she enjoys walking down the same school halls with her daughters that she walked as a child...Alameda, Beaumont, and Grant.

After graduating from Portland State University with a degree in Business and Marketing, Polly owned and operated a very successful local business for over 20 years.  She has mastered the art of creativity, attention to detail, organization and extraordinary customer service.  

When you work with Polly, you will appreciate her commitment to you. Her witty nature, combined with her professional demeanor, make for an amazingly fun and thorough home buying/selling experience.  If you are looking to buy or sell, you can rest assured you will be in the best of hands with Polly by your side.

Polly is… “always ready to open a new door” for you!

Polly represented us both on the buying and the selling end of real estate. We couldn't have been happier to have her as our realtor. Polly went above and beyond our expectations at each step of the process. She has a sweet, generous, flexible, and patient personality. But she is also a keen businesswoman, fierce negotiator, loyal representative, and straight talker whether you are buying or selling. She was in constant communication with us and never missed a beat when she had to prepare documents, help us meet deadlines on time, or track us down to respond to emails. She had loads of enthusiasm and energy. She was game to run and check out a house that was just put on the market. She gave good advice when we needed it. She explained how things like escrow and title companies work. She found us window washers and stagers. She had a good eye for design and what appeals to buyers. She followed our lead in terms of what we were looking for in a house and what our vision was for selling. But in reality, we followed her lead because we needed our hands to be held as first time home sellers and inexperienced home buyers. If anyone asks us for recommendations about realtors, Polly will be our answer!

— Megan and John S.

I have lived in my home for over fifty years. I recently contacted Polly Webber to inform her that I am considering selling my home and downsizing. She has provided me with timely, helpful information to answer my questions and to relieve my anxiety caused by making a major life change. She has kept me updated regarding options available in the price range and area that appeals to me. She has driven me to several of these homes and together we have looked for the perfect match for me. I am impressed with Polly’s knowledge of the market and her dedication to meeting my needs. I recommend Ms. Webber for anyone facing the difficult decision of downsizing.

— Mary M.

As a Mortgage Originator, I attend many open houses with many Referral Partners. When I arrived to my first Open House with Polly Webber I was beyond impressed! It was clear she had taken time to make sure the home was in pristine condition for sale and had the details of the home on clear display. She was very knowledgeable about the features of the home and was also informative about the neighborhood and surrounding area. Due to her preparation and attention to detail, the home sold in 5 days! If you plan to buy or list your home, you will need to make sure you call Polly! Her level of expertise and service is beyond compare!!

— Michelle N.