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Jason Nichols has been involved in the Portland Real Estate market for nearly 20 years. 

He originally started with property renovation and was later inspired to get his real estate license by the Realtor who helped him and his wife buy their first investment property in Woodstock.  During their new home purchase, his Realtor counseled them out of risky short-term decisions and helped them focus on the long-term decisions for the best investment possible.

This experience of buying, renovating, and renting the property drove Jason to start out his own career path to help others make great investments for the future.

 Jason believes too many buyers and sellers get caught up in the demanding Portland Real Estate market.  He believes it can be easy to lose track of what is important when buying or selling Real Estate and the details certainly do matter.  Jason strives to be that voice of reason.  His goal is to help others make good decisions and guide them away from investments that may not benefit them in the long run.

Jason works with an array of clients from first-time home buyers, sellers, savvy investors, and builders.  He knows each person has an individual and unique level of experience with the Real Estate process and he customizes his services to the needs of each client. He takes his role seriously, making sure his clients understand each step of the process.  This can include how the mortgage process works, how to pick great inspectors, what to have inspected, and what maintenance to expect in a new home. Jason always wants his clients to be in the best hands possible. His primary goal is client satisfaction and Jason puts relationships before transactions, understanding that people are looking for a trusted professional to help them with one of the largest investments of their lives.

Jason was born and raised in the Portland area and is very familiar with all neighborhoods that make up its surroundings.  Every day is a new adventure for Jason as he tours all over the map showing homes for his clients.  If you’re considering buying, selling, or investing in the Portland Metro Real Estate market, Jason Nichols is your man.  Reach out to Jason today to schedule a consultation.

It’s about quality over quantity. At Hasson, we take tremendous pride in associating only with agents who epitomize the service, communication and professionalism that our company is known for. The agents and the company are dependent upon each other to achieve the greatest success.

— Mike Hasson, Founder & Owner