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Fall Home Inspiration & Decor Tips from Oregon Bloggers

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Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner! There is something extra magical about autumn as the temperature cools, the leaves change, and we finally have an excuse to pull out the fall decorations once again. 

But if you’re on the hunt for some new fall home décor ideas, check out these posts from some of our favorite Oregon bloggers! With these nuggets of local autumn inspiration and DIYs, you can create the orange, yellow and red oasis of your dreams. 


Simple Fall Touches from Create/Enjoy 

Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

Photo courtesy of Create/Enjoy

If you’re a bit of a minimalist and don’t like buying and storing pieces that have limited use, consider keeping your decor simple this season! Last year, Suzannah from Create/Enjoy outlined three of her favorite simple ways to decorate for fall, like switching out her summer throw pillows and blankets with darker themed ones, avoiding the seasonal section at the store, and using natural elements in muted tones throughout her homeShe also encourages her readers to think outside the box with fall décor by incorporating natural scents and tastes as well, like fall candles, fresh baked goods and more.  

You can read the full post, “Fall Home Tour and MTop 3 Tips for Decorating for Fall!”, here. 


Minimalist Halloween Décor from Allisa Jacobs 

When you hit the Halloween section of your local department store, it can be hard to find some spooky items that will fit in with your minimalist aesthetic. Fortunately, Allisa Jacobs has a few tricks up her sleeve with some fantastic minimalist Halloween décor ideas! On her 2020 blog post, she mentions several of her favorite simple and moody décor pieces from Etsy that add a spooky but not overwhelming vibe to your home like black ceramic vases, Pampas, matte black pumpkins, dark pillows, minimalist cat prints and more.  

You can read the full post, “The Best Minimalist Halloween Decor for a Natural Home”, here. 


Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas from Today’s Creative Life

Fall Decor Ideas

 Photo courtesy of Today’s Creative Life

When planning out your 2021 fall decorations, don’t forget about your outdoor spaces! If you’re looking for some inspiration, Kim from Today’s Creative Life has a few interesting ideas. Her 2020 fall patio blog post outlines tips for finding natural décor pieces right in your own backyarddecorating an outdoor fireplace, choosing a color theme, arranging pieces in clusters, DIYing your very own apple-centric mantelpiece, and more! 

You can read the full post, “Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas”, here. 


Neutral Boho Fall Décor from The House of Hood 

Minimalist Boho Fall Decor Ideas

Photo courtesy of The House of Hood

While we love a bright orange and black fall color scheme, the style doesn’t often work with the current neutral decor trends. Luckily, Chelsea from The House of Hood has a few fantastic tips for incorporating some fall touches into your boho-themed home! The key to her gorgeous 2020 fall décor? Rattan pumpkins. Chelsea placed these tiny pieces all over her home last year and they added the perfect fall touch while also mixing perfectly with her simple, boho-chic style. She made sure to pair them with little bunches of wheat, simple greenery and gold touches. 

You can read the full post, “Neutral Boho Fall Décor”, here. 


Decorating with Faux Fall Foliage from The Inspired Room 

Sometimes finding gorgeous, natural leaves and greenery just isn’t in the cards. Thankfully, many local and nationally owned stores carry their own fake foliage that you can keep, store and cherish for years to come! If you’re not quite sure how to style faux flowers angreenery, Melissa from The Inspired Room has a few spectacular tips. On her 2020 fall blog post, she mentions mixing faux and real plants, bending the branches, varying the stem heightsusing unique containers, and even using water in the bottom of a vase to trick visitors into thinking they’re real!  

You can read the full post, ” How to Decorate with Faux Fall Foliage”, here. 


Reliable Fall Flowers from An Oregon Cottage 

Best Fall Plants

If you’d rather keep your fall foliage completely natural this year, Jami from An Oregon Cottage has you covered! Her blog, which is dedicated to DIY homestead décor and gardening, lists 15+ reliable fall flowers that you can plant in your garden or yard that will help decorate the outside and inside of your home. We’re talking about purple Victoria Salvia, bright pink Cosmos, gorgeous Begonias, bright Black-Eyed Susans and more. And don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumbmany of these plants are sturdy and don’t require too much maintenance.  

You can read the full post, “15+ Reliable Fall Flowers to Plant”, here. 


Fall Inspired Front Doors & Entryway Combos from Emily Henderson 

Anyone will tell you that front doors and entryways are the best way to make a first impression on guests and neighbors. But as Emily Henderson says on her 2019 fall blog post, making your entryway look great is also an act of self-care, putting you in a good mood every time you enter or leave your house! That’s why she took the time two years ago to put together nine different fall entryway looks to help inspire you—featuring a lot of pumpkins, beautiful wreaths, bunches of wheat and more.  

You can read the full post, “Self-Care For Your Entry: 9 Fall-Inspired Front Door & Entryway Combos”,  here. 


Decorating Your Fall Mantel from Addicted 2 Decorating 

Fall Decor Ideas 2021

Kristi Linauer, the brain behind the super popular blog Addicted 2 Decorating, is always our go-to for spectacular home inspiration and tips. So when looking for some fall mantel inspiration, look no further than her fall blog post from a few years ago, where she lists some of her favorite ways to decorate a fireplace mantel for the season! Here, you’ll find a roundup of fun decorating ideas and tips—including the idea of mixing blue into your seasonal décor, which adds an unexpected, cool-toned twist.  

You can read the full post, “How To Decorate a Fall Mantel”here. 


Oregon Coast Fall Style from Fox Hollow Cottage 

Minimalist Oregon Coastal Fall Decor

Photo courtesy of Fox Hollow Cottage

According to Apartment Therapy, the most popular interior design style in Oregon is coastal décor—and it’s not hard to see why! If you’ve settled down on the Oregon coast (or just want to pretend like you have) adding in some coastal touches to your fall décor is the perfect choice. Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage mentions keeping things simple with natural-looking faux foliage, plush pumpkins, cozy blankets, and a light orange and gray color scheme.  

You can read the full post, “Fall at the Cottage”, here. 


Have a great fall! 

How are you planning to decorate your home for fall this year? Let us know in the comments below!  

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