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10 Benefits of Oregon Coast Living

  |  Cannon Beach, Neighborhood Insight

Are you considering a move to the Oregon Coast? Or maybe you’re just daydreaming about the possibility. Either way, we don’t blame you one bit! With unbeatable ocean views, a laid-back way of life, and plenty of charming shops and restaurants, the coast isn’t just for visitors — it’s a great place to live, too! 

If you’re on the fence about living along the Oregon Coast, let’s uncover a few of the benefits, from practical points to some lifestyle perks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll turn your favorite vacation spot into your hometown! 


It’s Lined With Charming Small Towns 

No matter where you live along the coast, you’re just a drive away from a myriad of charming small beach towns, from Astoria to the north to Brookings to the south. You could embark on a day trip to explore one (or several!) of these neighboring towns — or choose one to live in, if you want to make your stay a bit more permanent. Here are some of our favorite beach towns along the Oregon Coast (plus an interactive map!). 


Outdoor Recreation Abounds 

Outdoor Recreation on the Oregon Coast

The Pacific Northwest in general is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. And the Oregon Coast is a great home base for all your adventures — whether you like hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing or all of the above. The geography here offers a unique blend of coastal beauty and lush forests, creating an oasis for outdoor recreation. Try one of these unbeatable hikes along the Northern Oregon Coast, which wind through thick forests, provide challenging climbs, and offer some of the best views around.  


It’s (Relatively) More Affordable 

It’s no secret that Portland real estate is booming right now — and overall, city living is typically more expensive. Moving away from the center of activity can get you a bit more bang for your buck — or square footage for your monthly payment. For the same price of a tiny condo in Eugene, Salem or Portland, you could buy a house on a sizeable lot just minutes from the ocean! 


The Seafood is Superior 

Oregon Coast Seafood

Sure, seafood abounds throughout the Pacific Northwest. But have you ever tasted salmon, oysters or crab caught just hours before? There’s nothing quite like it. All along the Oregon Coast, you get a steady stream of fresh boat-to-table seafood. Learn all about the foods our region is most known for here, including several types of seafood — plus Tillamook Cheese, which is made in the small coastal town of Tillamook. 


There’s Rental Income Potential 

Whether you want to live along the coast year-round or for just a few months out of the year, your investment will be well worth it. Many homeowners purchase vacation or investment properties with the goal of renting it out for a portion or the entirety of a year, either on a short-term or long-term basis. The Oregon Coast is a popular place to vacation, so it is wise to take advantage of the demand for vacation rentals! 


It’s Quiet + Peaceful 

Reasons to Live Along the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is an extremely peaceful and serene place to be — especially when foot traffic dies down a little during the fall and winter. Maybe it’s the vast ocean backdrop, the crisp air off the coast, the lush foliage, the small populations, or the way each town seems to be frozen in another era — but life along the coast is laid-back, quiet and oh so enjoyable. 


You Enjoy Access to Larger Cities 

At the same time, you can easily access some of the state’s most popular larger cities, including Salem, Eugene and Portland. Cannon Beach is about an hour and a half from PortlandLincoln City is just over an hour from Salem, and Florence is almost an hour and a half from Eugene. That means you can live in any of these small coastal towns while still remaining within arm’s reach of big-city amenities, like restaurants, big-box stores and the airport. 


There’s No Sales Tax 

No Sales Tax in Oregon

We’re quite used to this luxury in Oregon, but out-of-towners will be pleased to discover the lack of sales tax upon arrival. It may seem small, but over time, you save quite a bit of money with a 0% sales tax! That means you pay exactly what you see listed on the shelves at the grocery store or the tags on clothing at a local boutique. 


It Has Endless Natural Beauty 

Let’s be real — the Oregon Coast provides some of the best views on the planet. The serene, powerful ocean crashes against jagged rocks lined with barnacles and moss, surrounded by tidepools teeming with marine life. The coast is where the thick, dark green forest collides with the vast expanse of the open sea. And homes lining the coast get a front-row seat of this unique geographic phenomenon. 


The Beach is Just Steps Away 

Reasons to Live Along the Oregon Coast

We can’t leave out our favorite “amenity” when talking about the perks of coastal living. No matter where you live along the coast, you’ll be able to walk (or take a short drive) to the beach. Here, you can take a walk, go skimboarding, fly a kite, take a dip in the water, go surfing, go whale watching, or lay out on a hot day. While many visit the beach a week or two out of the year, you can take advantage of it all year long! 


Looking for a Home Along the Coast? 

We can help with that, too! We have an office in Cannon Beach with agents who are knowledgeable about the area and know the ins and outs of this unique real estate market. Contact our Cannon Beach office to be connected with an agent who can help you with your Oregon Coast home search. 

And in the meantime, create an account with The Hasson Company to receive up-to-date property alerts for homes you’re interested in, no matter your desired location! 

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