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The 9 Best Walking Paths in Lake Oswego, Oregon

  |  Neighborhood Insight, Portland

Access to outdoor recreation is a major draw for those living in the upscale community of Lake Oswego. With nearby mountains, rivers and of coursethe beautiful Oswego Lake within reach, there is plenty to do, see and experience by foot, bike or kayak. Plus, there are a number of walking paths winding throughout the city, that allow residents to explore its beautiful scenery (and houses!) by completing a loop path. 

Lake Oswego doesn’t just have a walking path or two; the city has made a concerted effort to create and maintain a system of pathways. In the spring of 1991, the City began the construction of a recreational loop system throughout Lake Oswego, each designed to connect neighborhoods with local schools, parks and commercial centers. This allowed residents to safely travel by foot, bicycle or inline skate throughout the city. And today, we still enjoy these pathways and trails in Lake Oswego! 

Here are a few worth traveling on — whether you’re looking for a quick neighborhood loop to complete during your lunch break or a longer journey traveling the entire circumference of Oswego Lake! 

Before you go, click here and here for map of most of the pathways mentioned below. 


3.5 Miles Out-and-Back 

Starting at George Rogers Park, the Old River Road Pathway is a 3.5-mile out-and-back pathway traveling along the Willamette River. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a waterfall, river views, lush foliage and wildlife. Once you reach the end of the path, you can choose to make your trip longer and continue on Old River Road until it reaches Highway 43 near Mary S. Young State Park. 


Forest Hills School Pathway 

3 Miles 

Planned as part of a loop to be called Downtown/Forest Hills Loop, this 3-mile pathway starts at Andrews Road and 10th Street and goes west on Andrews Road, passing by Forest Hills School. It serves portions of downtown Lake Oswego, providing a place to stop for a cup of coffee or bite to eat! Over time, this growing path may be extended into other areas on the north side of town. 


Lake Loop 

7 Miles 

This circular 7-mile loop around Oswego Lake is the most popular loop in Lake Oswego. Many start at Stafford Road and travel west along South Shore Boulevard. From Lakeview Boulevard, you can either branch west to the Bryant Road path or take the main loop route east on the north side of Lakeview. The Lake Loop doesn’t go along the shore of Oswego Lake the entire time, but does meet up with the water at a few points — plus, you’ll enjoy lake views at several vantage points. The loop provides an excellent opportunity to walk through the upscale neighborhoods surrounding the lake. To see the full route, check out this map. 


Jean Boones Bryant Loop 

2.7 Miles 

As you may have guessed from the name, the Jean Boones Bryant Loop is a 2.7-mile loop that travels along Jean Road, Bryant Road, and Boones Ferry Road, just west of Oswego Lake. You’ll pass by Bryant Elementary School, the tennis courts at Waluga Jr. High School, and the Jean Road Fire Station, and you’ll even catch a glimpse of the lake’s West Bay along Bryant Road. 


Bryant/Palisades Loop 

6 Miles 

This 6-mile loop passes by a variety of attractions and landmarks in Lake Oswego, including the Lake Oswego Golf Course, Lakeridge High School, Westridge School, Waluga Junior High and Bryant School. Plus, 2 of the 6 miles overlap with the Lake Loop, in case you wanted a sampling of that popular route. The Bryant/Palisades Loop takes you through a large portion of the southern edge of Oswego Lake, including a stretch that overlooks the lake.


Quarry Carman Loop 

1.6 Miles 

The Quarry Carman Loop is a short and sweet 1.6-mile loop that traverses through a few parks and neighborhoods on the west side of the city. You’ll start at the intersection of Oakridge and Quarry Roads, travel north and pass the woods and playground at East Waluga Park. You could also start at the park and complete the loop from there. Click here for the full directions for this loop. 


West Lake Grove Loop 


West Lake Grove Loop is an almost-rectangular loop traveling through the Westlake neighborhood. Along this 7-mile route, you’ll pass by or through Southwood Park, Oak Creek School, Westlake Park, Waluga Park, Lake Grove School and the Mormon Temple. The loop starts at the corner of Carman Drive and Kruse Way, where you’ll start heading west to Kruse Oaks. Click here for the full directions and here for the map. 


Kerr Botticelli Loop 

2.9 Miles 

Just north of Quarry Carman Loop, the 2.9-mile Kerr Botticelli Loop is a slightly longer (and even more scenic) path. It weaves through Mountain Park and offers exceptional views of Lake Oswego and TualatinClick here for the full directions for this loop. 


Country Club Loop 

5 Miles 

The 5-mile Country Club Loop encircles Oswego Lake Country Club, and passes by or through Lake Oswego Junior High, Springbrook Park, Uplands School, and Lake Oswego Hunt Club. This scenic, relatively flat pathway starts at Iron Mountain Boulevard and travels along the south side of Country Club Road, then the east side of Boones Ferry Road, to Reese Road, before turning south to Upper Drive. From here, you’ll proceed on Upper and Iron Mountain, heading back to Country Club Road. The southern portion of the loop is particularly scenic, passing by the lake, Beth Ryan Nature Preserve, Campbell Native Garden and Iron Mountain Park. 


Happy Trails! 

Which pathway in Lake Oswego is your favorite? 

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