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10 Reasons to Buy a Home Along the Oregon Coast

  |  Cannon Beach, Market Trends, Neighborhood Insight

Sure, you’ve vacationed along the Oregon Coast, but have you ever considered making your stay a bit more permanent? This 363-mile stretch of coastline is lined with stunning homes, all taking advantage of their prime location overlooking the ocean. Not to mention, each small town along the coast is packed with charming cafes, art galleries, boutiques and other endearing features. 

Whether you’re planning to completely uproot and relocate to the coast or you’re looking to invest in a vacation rental home, there are many reasons to consider Oregon Coast real estate. Not convinced? Let’s discuss the many pros of coastal living, covering everything from lifestyle to statistics. 


Endless Small Beach Towns to Explore 

Beach Towns Along Oregon Coast

From the historic town of Astoria to the mysterious Brookings, the coast is dotted with a variety of adorable beach towns worth exploring. So, no matter where you live along the Oregon Coast, you have an endless number of nearby destinations within reach that are teeming with activity, quaint cafes, local boutiques and other small-town attractions. To help you get an idea, here is a list of 14 of our favorite beach towns in Oregon. 


The Unbeatable Views 

To say the Oregon Coast is scenic is an understatement. After all, there’s a reason it’s one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon. Crashing waves, jagged rock formations, sandy beaches, stunning sunsets — all of this is visible from the shore, or from your living room window, if you’re lucky enough to own a home along the coast. Imagine waking up to the scenic Pacific Ocean every single day — talk about the ideal backdrop! 


Quiet, Slow Pace of Life 

Reasons to Buy a Home Along the Oregon Coast

Many retreat to the less-populated towns along the beach to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. And we don’t blame them! The pace of life is a little slower here, reminiscent of a time when we stopped to greet our neighbors and we bought our groceries from the corner store. The ocean has a way of setting a slow, peaceful rhythm for the communities nestled along the water’s edge. And yet, residents of these small towns can easily access nearby cities, like Portland, Salem and Eugene, for big-city attractions and conveniences. 


Relatively Lower Prices (Compared to Other Coastal Areas) 

It’s no secret that waterfront living typically translates to a more expensive price tag. And yet, you may be surprised by the relatively affordable prices of homes along the coast. Overall, the Oregon Coast has some of the lowest real estate prices when compared to its neighbors to the north and south; many California and Washington residents are relocating to the Oregon Coast for this very reason. Some of the lesser-known gems, like Gold Beach, Brookings and Bandon, have lower average home prices than hotspots like Cannon Beach and Seaside. 


Natural Beauty + Outdoor Recreation 

Reasons to Buy a Home Along the Oregon Coast

Even if your home doesn’t come with ocean views, you won’t be far from natural beauty and outdoor recreation. Take Cannon Beach for example, which is just 10 minutes from not one, not two, but four state parksOregon coast residents enjoy almost immediate access to coastal hikes, waterfalls, rock formations, forests and just about everything we love about the Northwest. See it all with a scenic drive along the 101! 


Food + Drink 

With the vast Pacific Ocean just steps away and the Willamette Valley to the east, there is perhaps no better place to live in the country if you value fresh seafood and local wine. You can access exceptional food at the many cafes and eateries along the coast, where locals are passionate about sharing the rich bounty of the area, from oysters and salmon to apples and Tillamook cheese — and the perfect glass of pinot noir to pair with your meal. 


Art + Culture 

Reasons to Buy a Home Along the Oregon Coast

Photo Courtesy of Modern Villa Gallery

The Oregon Coast is particularly attractive for artists of all kinds, from sculptors to glass blowers and painters to crafters. This has created quite the thriving arts culture, filled with art galleries, art shows and other creative happenings. Cannon Beach is a particularly artsy town, and was even included in John Villani’s book, The 100 Best Art Towns in America. The town’s serene beach setting is conducive for aspiring artists to practice their brush strokes en plein air. You can see their finished products at the many art galleries in Cannon Beach, which focus on just about every medium, from abstract sculpture to landscape painting. 

Beyond the art scene, the small beach towns along the coast are packed with culture and personality. The community comes together with a variety of annual events and festivals celebrating everything from wine and beer to music and food. 


Steadily Increasing Value 

As we all know, one of the most important factors of any real estate investment is the potential for growth. And the Oregon Coast is brimming with possibilities. According to Visit Oregon, housing prices increased significantly in just a decade’s time. “Since the Great Recession affected the housing economy ten years ago, the median house price has risen from around $200,000 to $350,000 for residential homes.” A lot of factors have contributed to this growth, including an increase in demand, as the population of Oregon has grown significantly in recent years. From 2010 to 2020, the state’s population has increased by more than 435,000 — and it’s expected to continue to grow in years to come! 


Rental Income Potential  

Reasons to Buy a Home Along the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast just screams rental income potential. In fact, many buy a home on the coast for the sole purpose of providing an additional income stream as either a short- or long-term rental. Towns like Cannon Beach, Seaside, Lincoln City and Pacific City are popular vacation destinations, which makes it easy to market your property to guests on either a weekly or seasonal basis. And you can enjoy your home during the off-season — or whenever you need to get away for a bit!  


Beautiful Homes  

If all of that is not enough to convince you, let the homes speaks for themselves. All along the Oregon Coast, you’ll find a variety of homes for sale, from quaint beach cottages to luxurious mansions, and everything in between.   

Oregon Coast real estate is prized for all the reasons mentioned above (coupled with our thriving market due to low interest rates), so inventory is uncharacteristically low at the moment. But keep an eye on our listings to see if your dream home has hit the market! 


Are You Convinced? 

If you’re interested in getting involved in this unique market, feel free to contact our Cannon Beach office. The Ted Wood team can assist you with your home search along the Oregon Coast and answer any questions you might have.

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