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The 13 Best Places for Avocado Toast in Portland, Oregon

  |  Neighborhood Insight, Portland

From the bacon boom to the kale craze and every trendy food in between, we’ve seen a variety of food fads over the last several years. But there’s one we hope doesn’t fade away any time soon: avocado toast. This millennial snack is comprised of a few simple ingredients: bread, smashed avocado and usually some salt and pepper, but often comes with other delicious toppings, like fried eggs, ricotta cheese and pickled onions. 

No matter how you like your avocado toast, there’s no denying its goodness. Not to mention, it’s pretty healthy — and extremely Instagrammable! 

Thankfully, Portland is no stranger to this trendy breakfast staple. There are more than a dozen places to get avocado toast in Portland, each one serving up their own take, sometimes as simple as spreading avocado on homemade bread, and other times, decked out with a plethora of tasty toppings. 


Don’t miss this unique Princess Bride-themed shop in the Alameda neighborhoodGuilder serves their very own roasted coffee, called Junior’s Roasted Coffee, which can be purchased by the bag. In addition to the incredible coffee offerings at Guilder, you’ll find plenty to eat and drink on their full menu, including porridge, hash, toast, sandwiches, salads, and even cocktails and wine! They have a simple avocado toast “for the kiddos” and a fancier version for adults — the Maximum Savage, which is made with their housemade gluten-free garlicky chickpea flatbread, “cheezy” white bean spread, avocado, fried egg, vegan chipotle sausage, lemon-dressed greens and housemade hot sauce. 


Menu | Order Online 


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Cup & Bar is a Central Eastside coffee shop focused on coffee, chocolate and food. They have a menu of fresh and simple toasts and pastries made in house with the freshest ingredients. In addition to sweet toasts, like their Ranger Hazelnut-Chocolate Spread Toast and Cinnamon & Vanilla Sugar Toast, they have a few avocado options: like Avocado & Lemon Ricotta Toast, Vegan Avocado Toast, and a Simple Avocado Toast. 


Menu | Order Online by Calling 971-300-3118 

This food-cart-turned-brick-and-mortar serves a variety of food options for breakfast, brunch and lunch, plus craft cocktails, beer and local organic coffee. Everything you’ll eat at Kingsland Kitchen is made with the best local ingredients, from their French toast and fluffy buttermilk pancakes to their bacon cheeseburger and club sandwich. Their avocado toast is made with toasted sourdough bread, topped with smashed avocado, lime, feta crumbles, a boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, radish and seeds, with the option to add bacon for an additional charge! 


Upper Left Roasters is one of our favorite destinations for coffee (both their Ladd’s Addition and downtown locations) — but their food should not be missed. They have a number of toasts on their menu, including the Vegan Spelt & Avocado Toast, which is made with vegan spelt, avocado, cashew adobo spread, pepitas, cilantro and scallions. Plus, their Spelt Poached Egg & Avocado has spelt, avocado, radish, a poached egg, and Mama Lil’s Peppers. 


Water Avenue Coffee evolved from a spark of inspiration in 2009 into one of the most well-respected coffee companies in the city, now with a roasting warehouse and two coffee shop locations. The Southeast location is currently doing takeout orders, which means you can order both their coffee and food options, like their Avocado Toast. This vegan toast is made with toasted Lovejoy multi-grain bread rubbed with garlic and topped with avocado smash, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, Mama Lil’s Peppers, cherry tomatoes, Jacobson’s Sea Salt and fresh herbs. 


See the Menu + Order Online on Their Website 

Kimura Toast Bar Portland, OR

Photo Courtesy of Dina Avila via Kimura Toast Bar

Kimura Toast Bar is dedicated to — you guessed it — toast! But it’s not just any toast. Kimura Toast Bar only serves a Japanese staple called Shokupan toast, also known as Japanese Milk Bread, which is made with allnatural premium ingredients and has no preservatives or additives. In addition to simple “toast and butter,” sweet toast, savory toast, Japanese pizza toast and other options, they have an entire section on their menu dedicated to avocado toast. They are as beautiful as they are delicious, from the Avocado and BaconCheese Butter to the Avocado and Harissa Ricotta Cheese. 



Fressen Artisan Bakery makes high-quality artisan breads, pretzels and pastries in the German tradition. Plus, they incorporate organic, local and sustainable ingredients, and make everything by hand, utilizing technology as little as possible. Their menu includes a few simple options, including avocado toast, made with two slices of their Jogger bread, toasted and buttered, topped with avocado and salt and pepper, and their egg-avo toast, which is a slice of their Volkhorn rye, toasted and buttered, and topped with avocado and a soft fried egg. 


Proud Mary Coffee may be relatively new to Portland, but it started more than 10 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Here, you’ll find some exceptional coffee and a simple food menu, which includes avocado toast. This makes sense, as avocado toast has roots in Australia (and elsewhere, but that’s still up for debate!). Proud Mary’s avo toast is made with smashed avocado, cojita cheese, shaved vegetable, cilantro, green chili and watercress. 


With several locations in the area, including one in Lake OswegoKure Juice Bar is all about health. They create a variety of smoothies, green juices, lunch bowls and other breakfast items. At their Pearl location, you can order their Avo Smash Toast, made with avocado smash on top of New Cascadia bread, topped with lime zest, olive oil, micro greens, sea salt and black pepper. 


At both their Vancouver and Portland locations, Presso Coffee Bar is serving up some of the best coffee and toast around. Plus, their adorable look, with an emphasis on all things floral, makes this one of the most Instagrammable spots on the list. And no Instagram post would be complete without their avocado toast! It’s made with avocado, ricotta cheese, olive oil and seasonings, all artfully displayed on rustic white bread. 


Much like Leo’s Non-Smoking Coffee Shop, which occupied their space for 30 years before they moved inThe Daily Feast is a beloved gathering spot for downtown Portland. They are open every day for breakfast, brunch and lunch — providing an American diner feel with a healthy twist. They call themselves “a place you can eat every day without getting bored, going broke, or getting fat.” The Daily Feast’s avocado toast is simple but delicious; it’s made with your choice of toast, topped with mashed avocado and two eggs any style. 


Menu | Order Online 

Tiny Moreso Portland, OR

Photo Courtesy of Tiny Moreso

Tiny Moreso is a dedicated gluten-free and vegan café/juice bar serving up a variety of smoothies, desserts and snacks. Their avocado toast is made with a hearty housemade toasted bread, topped with cultured vegan butter, half an avocado, salt and pepper, served with a side of garlic cashew cream. But don’t miss their delectable dessert options to balance it all out, which includes vegan/gluten-free cheesecakes, truffles, cookies, brownies, muffins and more. 


Named after the neighborhood in which it presidesJohn’s Landing, JoLa Café is a locally owned café that serves coffee and baked goods made with the best possible ingredients. Their avocado toast is simple but good — it’s topped with sea salt, olive oil, lemon and crushed red pepper. But don’t miss the rest of their breakfast and lunch menu filled with a variety of options, including breakfast sandwiches, toasts, burritos, soup, salads, pizza, pasta and more. 



Who is serving up your favorite avo toast in the city? Let us know in the comments below! 

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