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New Look. Same Sign of Experience.

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We are excited to announce the introduction of a brand new look for The Hasson Company!

Our rebrand, including the updated logo, color scheme and other graphic elements, pays homage to our history dating back to 1983, while looking forward to the future with anticipation and optimism.

As a locally owned company with 180+ brokers who live and work in the communities we serve, our motto is and has always been quality over size. And while we may have updated our look, our philosophy and focus remains — to cultivate an environment that enables high caliber brokers to lead clients to their desired goal and ensure they have the best representation at every step.

The Hasson Company Real Estate

Our updated look is intended to communicate our values and our character, as well as showcase the visual elements of our home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, from the high desert of Central Oregon to the scenic coastline, and every forested city and suburb in between.

Now presenting: a new look for The Hasson Company.


New Logo

Our logo is the most important expression of the Hasson brand. It has been designed in a way that acknowledges the history of Hasson, while adopting a contemporary style, which can be leveraged to push the company into the future.

Our logo represents the look and feel of the Hasson Company as polished, mature, alluring, and bright.


New Colors

The Hasson Company Real Estate

Our new color scheme further represents those qualities, in addition to the hues found in the Pacific Northwest landscape. Our palette is inspired by modern colors that pay respect to where the Hasson brand came from and how it can be elevated into a fresh new look for the future.

Our primary brand color, Hemlock, is a dark green resembling a neutral black, helping the palette feel mature and refined. Teal, Lichen and Terra make up our secondary colors, with many additional hues, including varying tints of Terra, acting as a support to our main colors.


New Slogan + Tagline

The Hasson Company Real Estate

The Hasson Company Real Estate

We also developed a new slogan and tagline, which convey the company’s purpose and goals in every transaction and interaction.

Where you want to be.

We can lead the way.

We love the Pacific Northwest and the areas we’ve invested in — from Bend to the coast to Vancouver — and we believe each of these locations are places where people want to be. “Where you want to be” also reassures clients they have found the best company with the highest qualified broker.


Shapes + Graphics

Beyond the new logo, color scheme and slogans, our rebrand includes a variety of visual elements that amplify our brand experience.

Our typography aims to be both modern and familiar. Plus, our new look utilizes layered geometric shapes arranged in a playful collage-style pattern. There are several variations of Hasson patterns, which artfully display the letters of “Hasson” in different applications.

Our look includes several unique textures, which were developed to acknowledge our connection to nature in the PNW by introducing natural, woven textures. We also incorporated patinas, which are atmospheric gradients designed to mimic the natural oxidation process that takes place on surfaces of metal.

The Hasson Company Real Estate

The Hasson Company Real Estate

The Hasson Company Real Estate

The Hasson Company Real Estate


Partnership With 1000watt

To create our new look, we partnered with 1000watt, a leading creative marketing and branding agency based in Portland. We worked closely with the 1000watt team to create a look, feel, and brand experience that perfectly aligns with our company. The end result is something we are extremely proud of. Learn more about our partnership with 1000watt and our new look here.

After a year-long process of discovery, learning from consumers, industry partners and local organizations, we are proud to launch the new look of The Hasson Company.

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About the Author

Melissa Peterson, Director of Agent Services and Technology

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