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Your Guide to Throwing a Backyard BBQ in the Portland Area

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There’s no better place to be during the summer than Portland. Our pleasant sunny weather, moderate temperatures and beautiful scenery make outdoor living ideal — whether you’re out on a hiking trail or grilling out in your backyard.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next backyard BBQ, whether it’s a small gathering with the family or a large-scale party with all your friends, we’ve got you covered! Take your BBQ game to the next level with these local resources, including Portland area businesses offering ingredients to-go and stores selling outdoor patio and grilling supplies.

Happy hosting!


Get Supplies From Portland Barbecue Shop

Hosting a Backyard BBQ in Portland, OR

If there’s any place that knows about BBQing, it’s Portland Barbecue Shop. In addition to their top-of-the-line barbecues and smokers, this locally owned shop sells just about anything you need to complete your grilling setup, including smoking chips and wood chunks, spices, salts and rubs, and various barbecue accessories. Stop by to stock up for the big day!


Get Your Produce from a Local Farmers’ Market

Add an extra dose of freshness to the menu by sourcing your ingredients from a farmers’ market, whether it’s the vegetables for dipping, toppings for your burgers, or fruit for snacking on. Although farmers’ market season looks a little different this year, most markets in the Portland area are open for business — and there’s an option for nearly every day of the week! Check out our Guide to Portland Area Farmers’ Markets 2020 to track down the market nearest you — and to know what you can expect when you arrive!


Pick Up Patio Furniture From a Local Shop

Outdoor Furniture Stores in Portland, OR

If you’re hosting a large gathering, you may be looking to add a little more seating and lounging options for guests. You might be due for a patio furniture upgrade, but don’t panic — there are several furniture stores in the area specializing in outdoor furniture, including KEY Home Furnishings in Lake Oswego, and Emerald Outdoor Living and loveTEAK in Portland. Between the three, you’ll find a variety of brands, styles and price points to fit your unique needs.


Make Your Own Yard Games

No backyard BBQ is complete without some yard game fun! If you don’t have a game yet, consider making your own. This list has a variety of ideas for DIY yard games, from cornhole to a giant Connect Four game. If you have kids, they’ll love joining in on the project — and playing the game after it’s all done!


Stock Your Cooler With Local Beer

Local Beer in Portland, OR

Any party is as good as the drinks, and thankfully, there is no shortage of good beer here in Portland. In fact, there are more than 60 breweries in the city (and counting!), many of which sell their beers to-go in growler or six-pack form. Overwhelmed? Narrow down the search by going to one of our favorite breweries in Portland. And if you want a mix of everything, head to the Portland Bottle Shop to peruse their selection of 300+ beers from around the world, as well as ciders, specialty beverages, and more than 400 wines.


Pick Up a Cocktail Mix To-Go

Although many restaurants in Multnomah County have begun the process of reopening as of June 19, several are still offering the takeout and delivery options we’ve grown accustomed to over the last several months. And thankfully, that includes cocktails! Or at least: cocktail mixers, as liquor cannot be taken to-go in the state of Oregon. Check out these delicious cocktail mixers available from Portland bars and restaurants and simply add your liquor of choice — or don’t, and make them mocktails!


Get Sauces + Spices from Felton & Mary’s

Felton & Mary's Portland, OR

Photo Courtesy of Felton & Mary’s

If you’re grilling your own burgers and steaks, you’ll want to spice them up with provisions from Felton & Mary’s, an artisan food producer based in Portland. Try their Classic Spice Rub and their delicious sauces, including the Smokey Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce, the Medium BBQ Sauce or the Hot BBQ Sauce — or if you can’t choose, get all three as a bundle! You can pick up Felton & Mary’s products at a number of retail stores in the area — or get them shipped straight to your door by ordering online in advance.


Make a Recipe From a Local Food Blogger

Get some serious inspiration for your feast from Mary of The Kitchen Paper, a Portland-based food blogger who takes incredible photos, and more importantly — shares delicious recipes of all kinds. Her recipes range from leafy salads to decadent desserts. A few summery, BBQ-approved ideas include Cranberry Pulled Pork Sliders with Apple Fennel Slaw, Watermelon Burrata Salad, Summer Corn Quinoa Salad and Basil Hummus.


Pick Up Burgers + Hot Dogs From a Local Restaurant

Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Portland Area 2020

To avoid the process of cooking, consider picking up provisions from a local restaurant instead!

While Oregon and the city of Portland have begun the process of reopening bars and restaurants, we aren’t quite back to where we once were — and might not be for quite some time! To keep up with the latest information about takeout and delivery options in the city, check out this comprehensive guide from The Eater. And if you’re specifically looking for burgers, try Bar Bar, Bantam Tavern, The Automatic Bar, Union Burger or Grain & Gristle.

One of our favorite to-go burger options comes from Division Street Grocers, operated by Submarine Hospitality. They have a Family Burger Kit, which comes with a six-pack of Martin’s rolls, secret sauce, sliced cheddar, bread and butter pickles, and six 4-ounce Laney Family Farms ground beef patties. Throw in a Caesar Kit, Pasta Salad, a Salad Mix or Chicken Wings, for no-stress sides to complete the meal!


Turn Up the Music

Every good party has upbeat music playing in the background. Spotify has a number of playlists to choose from, including this one titled Backyard BBQ filled with classic, laid-back songs. And if you want to keep it hyperlocal, tune into this playlist featuring Portland-based bands and musicians, and learn all about them here!


Get S’mores Kits from 1927 S’mores Company

1927 S'mores Company Portland, OR

1927 S’mores Company is our source for nostalgic s’mores in the city. Their brick and mortar “s’morefront” is open for walk-in and call-in orders until 10 p.m. Choose from their menu of options, from the tried-and-true Original 1927 to the Portland Porter, made with a Backwoods Brewing Porter-infused mallow topped with salted caramel sauce and crushed pretzels. Call 503-334-8080 x1 to place your order, give your payment over the phone, and pick up your order when it’s ready. There’s only one thing left to do! Make a bonfire to enjoy these mouth-watering treats in the backyard with your family and friends. Learn more about 1927 S’mores here.


Happy Hosting!

What local resources would you add? Let us know in the comments below!

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