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10 Reasons to Move to Cannon Beach, Oregon

  |  Cannon Beach, Neighborhood Insight

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of visiting or you’ve simply heard stories of this quaint coastal town, it’s no surprise you’re considering a move to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Complete with a scenic beach, nearby state parks, and an adorable main street dotted with cafes and boutiques, Cannon Beach is an excellent place to visit — and call home.

To prove it, let’s explore just a handful of the many alluring qualities of this tiny town, from its artsy culture to its beautiful homes.


1. Connected Community

With an estimated population of 1,728, Cannon Beach is a very small town. Here, residents know each other and neighbors stop to say hello on the sidewalk. While the town is certainly filled with visitors (especially during the spring and summer), there is a tight-knit community network in Cannon Beach that you can be connected to upon moving!


2. Beautiful Coastal Scenery

Moving to Cannon Beach, OR

Listed as one of the “21 Best Beaches in the World” by National Geographic, Cannon Beach is truly a sight to behold. Anchored by the world-famous Haystack Rock, this wide beach is outfitted with warm sand dunes and the peaceful Ecola Creek, providing ideal skimboarding, kite flying, bike riding and jogging conditions. And of course, due to its west-facing orientation, the beach provides some of the best sunsets, which are often reflected in the wet sand.


3. Close to Portland

While Cannon Beach remains a quiet, coastal town devoid of large big box stores, you can still access the conveniences of a larger city in just about an hour and a half. Portland is only about 80 miles away, which means you can easily retreat to the city for a weekend adventure, to access the airport, or purchase a specialty item not found in Cannon Beach.


4. State Parks

Ecola State Park

The beautiful stretch of coastline surrounding Haystack Rock is just scratching the surface of all that this region has to offer. In fact, there are four state parks located within 10 minutes of Cannon Beach, offering a wide range of options for outdoor adventure along the coast. State parks include Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site, Hug Point State Recreation Site, Oswald West State Park and Ecola State Park, which is perhaps the most popular in the area for its excellent sightseeing opportunities and hiking options.


5. Unique Homes

Cannon Beach homes have a very distinct look. Sunsoaked shingles adorn many of the town’s Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, and saltbox-style structures. But you’ll find a few modern homes, Cape Cod, cottages and cabin-esque properties, many of which provide uninterrupted views of the ocean — and sometimes even direct beach access. Many live in Cannon Beach all year long and a large number of people have a secondary home in town to retreat to part of the year or utilize as a vacation or rental property. Explore the many homes for sale in Cannon Beach and contact us if we can help with your home search!


6. Arts Culture

Art Galleries in Cannon Beach

Photo Courtesy of Imprint Gallery

Boasting renowned art festivals and events, an abundance of art galleries, and plenty of talented resident artists, Cannon Beach is undoubtedly an artsy town. Not to mention, the town’s serene beach setting is conducive for aspiring artists to practice their brush strokes en plein air. For these reasons and more, Cannon Beach was included in John Villani’s book, The 100 Best Art Towns in America. The town celebrates its arts culture on the first weekend of November with the Stormy Weather Arts Festival, which has remained one of the town’s most popular events for over 30 years.


7. Outdoor Recreation

The Pacific Northwest in general is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. And Cannon Beach is a great home base for all your adventures — whether you like hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing or all of the above. The geography here offers a unique blend of coastal beauty and lush forests, creating an oasis for outdoor recreation.


8. Community Events

Annual Events in Cannon Beach, OR

Speaking of anticipated annual events, there are plenty of excuses to celebrate all year long in Cannon Beach. During the winter, spring, summer and fall, the community comes together for a number of annual events, focused on everything from wine to gardens, art to sandcastles, and of course, holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas.


9. Small Businesses

The small business community is extremely strong in Cannon Beach. In fact, nearly the entire town is comprised of small businesses, as no fast food chains exist within the city limits and the town remains non-commercialized for the most part. Residents and tourists alike love to support the many small businesses in Cannon Beach, including boutiques and shops, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, and other local establishments.


10. Quiet + Peaceful

Moving to Cannon Beach, OR

Above all, Cannon Beach is an extremely peaceful and serene place to be — especially when foot traffic dies down a little during the fall and winter. Maybe it’s the vast ocean backdrop, the crisp air off the coast, the lush foliage, the small population, or the way the town seems to be frozen in another era — but life in Cannon Beach is laid-back, quiet and oh so enjoyable.


What do you love about Cannon Beach?

If you’re lucky enough to live here, share your favorite qualities of your hometown in the comments below!

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