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Our New Managing Broker in Bend + Our Continued Dedication to Central Oregon

  |  Central Oregon, Company News

Some exciting things, both new and continued, are happening at our Bend office. First of all, we are thrilled to announce the addition of our new managing broker, Brooke Welter! Equipped with extensive experience in the industry, plus impressive leadership and problem-solving skills, Brooke will make a fantastic addition to the Hasson office in Bend.

Secondly, we remain dedicated to serving the communities of Central Oregon, through serving our clients — and the needs of the community at large.


Meet Brooke Welter

Brooke Welter The Hasson Company

Brooke Welter has extensive experience in the real estate and home construction business, which she has been involved in since 2005. In her former role as the director of customer experience and warranty for a local Bend builder, Brooke exercised her skills in sales, new home sales training, land acquisition, team building, strategic planning and business development.

“Bringing Brooke in to lead the office is an exciting opportunity to give us the boost we need to take the company into the next phase of the Central Oregon real estate market,” Hasson President Lynae Forbes said. “It will prepare our brokers and clients with the ability to maximize their opportunities in the future with her abilities, passions, and excitement for the community to further the excellence of who we are.”

During her career, Brooke has always remained professional, responsive and trustworthy. She understands the importance of confidentiality in the real estate space and is valued for her calm demeanor and problem-solving skills. Her history in law, finance and real estate, with a focus on new construction, offers a unique perspective in her field.

“We are excited about having Brooke’s skillset in Bend and we firmly believe, as an organization, that it’s about the people,” Hasson CEO Steve Studley said. “We are excited to have her and are confident that she not only sees the importance of what we do as a business but how we fit into the community. She will be vital to us as an organization to achieve the goals and objectives that we have in Central Oregon.”


Continued Dedication to Central Oregon

The Hasson Company Bend, Oregon

While leadership is shifting at the Hasson office, one thing remains the same in regards to our presence and involvement in Central Oregon. Hasson has been and will continue to be committed to serving the incredible communities in Central Oregon, from the heart of downtown Bend to Redmond and Sisters, and all the way south to Sunriver.

Hasson Company expanded to Bend in 2005. The newly established office weathered the storm of the housing crisis in 2008 and, today, is stronger than ever. We remain committed to deepening our roots and connection to Central Oregon for the long term. Our office is continually growing as we add brokers who are committed to the industry and doing business the right way — by maintaining integrity, going above and beyond, and always representing their clients’ best interests.

“I look back at the different market conditions we have adapted to in Central Oregon — from the recession to new construction and out-of-town buyers,” Forbes said. “While the dynamics of the office have changed over the years to adapt to these conditions, our overall vision for the office has never changed. It is stronger today than it’s ever been.”

The Hasson Company Give Back Day Bend, Oregon

Our Give Back Day on July 19 was a great success — and that includes our involvement and efforts in Central Oregon. In total, we raised over $34,000 for Embrace Oregon, the Oregon Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity. As a company, we spent a total of 206 hours building at four Habitat for Humanity sites, including a site in Central Oregon. Our Bend office raised the largest amount of money on a per-broker basis for these organizations, which will directly impact the communities in Central Oregon and their residents.

There is nothing more exciting for me than to see agents take time away from what they do on a day-to-day basis from a real estate perspective and find the opportunity to give back to the communities we serve,” Studley said. “The Bend Give Back Day contributions showed a true alignment between the culture of our office in Bend and the culture of the Central Oregon community. That alignment was clearly demonstrated by the participation of our Bend brokers to the extent that it led the company in terms of per-broker contributions.”

We have continued to support several organizations in Central Oregon, including the sponsorship of Cork & Barrel and Tower Theatre. Hasson Company is passionate about supporting local organizations that are making the community a better and brighter place.

“Give Back Day was a reinforcement of our culture, who we are, and the commitment that our brokers and staff made to this one day — in addition to the multitude of other organizations that they support throughout the year,” Forbes said. “It was evidence of the cohesive culture and commitment Hasson brokers have to the communities that they live in, which is one of the reasons that brings us all together.”



Great Things to Come

The Hasson Company Bend, Oregon

The future looks bright for the Hasson Company in Central Oregon — and all the communities we represent throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“I am optimistic about what Hasson looks like in Central Oregon in the future and I feel we are positioned with the brokers and staff that are able to provide the type of service that consumers are looking for when it comes to buying and selling real estate,” Studley said. “I’m thrilled with what the long-term picture looks like for that community and for our office.”

We are thrilled to welcome Brooke into the Hasson family, and are confident she will lead our team of brokers with integrity and wisdom. Please join us in welcoming Brooke Welter to our Bend office!

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