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See the Incredible Before-and-After Transformation of This Home in Bend

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Courtney Equall of Girl & Grey has a passion for DIY, thrifting, and all things related to interior design. On her blog, you’ll find gorgeous interior shots of her various projects, either in her own home in Bend or in a client’s home. It is an invaluable resource for design inspiration, DIY tips, project tutorials and more. In fact, we included her on our list of must-follow bloggers in the Pacific Northwest!

Just last year, Courtney and her family moved back to their home state of Oregon and bought a builder-grade house in their dream location along the Deschutes River in Bend. While it had an excellent shell (and required much less renovating work than their previous home!), Courtney felt it was boring and needed a bit of a personal touch to feel like their own. She felt she had more design work to do in this home, as it was more of a blank slate and was less about correcting the old.

The transformation of this home is absolutely incredible. Equipped with a creative eye for design, Courtney and her husband were able to transform this average, builder-grade home into a completely customized, colorful home with endless character and charm.


First Impressions

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

The house was used solely as a vacation home for the previous owner since it was built in 2006, so it had limited landscaping. Courtney and her husband updated the house numbers, rebuilt the porch railing, wrapped the post in cedar, and added a few accessories. These simple changes make a strong first impression from the curb.

She also brightened the entryway with new paint, built a DIY entryway bench, and added some adorable decor.


Dining Room + Family Room

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

The dining room and family room area looks significantly brighter and more spacious since move-in day. The lighter, neutral paint color on the walls provides a subtle backdrop for the eclectic combination of color found throughout the room. We love the way Courtney incorporated a variety of bold patterns, textures and colors to create one cohesive work of art. She also uses plenty of greenery to bring the space to life!

Overall, Courtney’s style could be described as Northwest casual. It is approachable and simple, yet filled with interest and life — especially with the incorporation of natural pieces, like plants and wood accessories.

“I love incorporating woods or a natural element into all my spaces,” Courtney said. “They add so much warmth to a space!”



Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

Perhaps our favorite room in the house, the kitchen, underwent a jaw-dropping transformation. It wasn’t in bad shape to begin with, but there just wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy about the tan and brown kitchen before Courtney and her husband got ahold of it. Over a period of six months, they completely renovated the space and created something truly extraordinary, while maintaining the same footprint and layout. Yet, the new kitchen somehow looks much brighter and more inviting.

They did the entire renovation themselves, including pouring the concrete countertops, installing tile, and painting the cabinets a deep moody green. While some steps took only a day or two, other projects took longer, like pouring the concrete countertops and setting them in the garage to cure for three weeks.

“We did ALL the work in the kitchen,” she said. “We learned A LOT but we are proud of our work and love how it turned out!”


Master Bedroom

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

This spacious room on the second floor was originally used as a bonus room before it became the master bedroom. This is an excellent use of space, as it makes more sense for their family and their specific needs. They ended up turning the original master bedroom on the ground floor into a kids’ TV room.

“The kids rooms are upstairs and having the master bedroom downstairs just wasn’t working for our family,” she said. “So…up we went after installing some wood that will eventually be carried throughout the entire house.”


Kids Room

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

One of the two kids’ rooms received an impressive update, with just a few decor pieces, a new coat of paint, and a geometric DIY wall stencil made with a Sharpie. The space looks bright and airy with a touch of whimsy and childlike character.


Outdoor Space

Bend, Oregon Home Transformation | Girl & Grey

And finally, Courtney’s favorite space in the house — even though it’s technically outside!

“My favorite space in my home is our deck,” she said. “We just bought a new outdoor dining table and we have been eating all of our meals outside. We also live on the river so we love to relax outside and watch the water. My kids love counting all the kayakers that go by — it’s very cute!”

This idyllic outdoor area allows them to fully take advantage of living in Bend. Some of Courtney’s favorite aspects of Bend include the weather, the river, and the endless things to do outside.

“We LOVE everything about Bend!” Courtney said. “We always say how lucky we are that we get to live in a town where everyone else comes for their vacations.”


Follow Girl & Grey

For more DIY and interior design inspiration, make sure you’re following Courtney’s blog, Girl & Grey, and following her on social media — especially on Instagram at @girlandgrey, where she shares gorgeous photos of her home and other projects she’s working on.

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