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17 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow If You Live in Bend, Oregon

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Instagram is an incredible platform for connecting with talented creatives, whether they are based across the globe or just down the street. There are a number of inspiring accounts worth following within the community of Bend, showcasing the best of the region, including scenic hikes, local eateries, lifestyle content, and more.

Add some more gorgeous shots of Bend and surrounding communities to your feed by following these impressive Instagram accounts!



Following the Visit Bend Instagram account is a surefire way to incorporate inspiring shots of Bend and its stunning natural beauty into your feed. @VisitBend showcases breathtaking photography from a myriad of photographers — whether they are based in Bend or simply traveling through town. Tag your Bend photos with @VisitBend and/or #VisitBend to grant permission to be featured!




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A post shared by Richard Churchill Bacon III (@richbacon) on

Richard Bacon is a talented photographer based in Bend who makes the most of living in this scenic region. He takes impeccable shots from his various hiking, camping and kayaking adventures throughout Central Oregon — often with dogs in tow.



Nate Wyeth is a photographer and videographer who shares stunning shots of his adventures — from starry skies to crystal clear waters. His photos are vibrant and bright, showcasing the brilliant rainbow of colors in and around Bend.




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A post shared by Bend, Oregon (@thebestofbend) on

Photo Taken by @findingfreshair

@TheBestofBend is another excellent curated account, showcasing a variety of outdoor shots from talented photographers and Instagrammers. It’s a great account to follow if you’re looking for inspiring accounts to follow, places to explore, or you simply enjoy looking at pretty photos of our city (we sure do!).



You can usually find Tyler Benton in the mountains — and thankfully, he brings his camera along for the ride. This adventurous Bendite showcases a wide range of shots, from skiers and snowboarders on the slopes to snow-capped mountains and sparkling lakes.


@whitwhitehouse + @jazz.paws


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A post shared by Whitney Whitehouse (@whitwhitehouse) on

Dog Mom Whitney Whitehouse and her four-legged best friend, Jasper, are sure making the most of living in Bend. Jasper is a three-year-old rescue pup who loves posing in beautiful settings, like snowy lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and trails. Whitney captures their adventures so beautifully!




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A post shared by Austin White (@austingwhite) on

We love living vicariously through Austin White, a Bend-based outdoor lifestyle and adventure photographer. Bring his gorgeous Instagram feed into your home by purchasing prints of his best photos, available on his website.




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A post shared by helen peterson (@helenbpeterson) on

Let’s switch it up with a look at one of our favorite local bloggers, Helen Peterson. On her blog, Brewed Blonde, Helen talks about fitness, her family, and fashion — and how she balances it all while working in an office. Don’t miss Helen’s latest posts by following her Instagram!




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A post shared by Visit Central Oregon (@visitcentraloregon) on

The Visit Central Oregon account shares an excellent mix of photos, showcasing local restaurants, outdoor destinations, upcoming events, and more. Plus, their content encompasses all of Central Oregon, including Bend, Sunriver, Redmond, and beyond.



@adamcharlescheek + @jessrosecheek


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A post shared by Adam Cheek (@adamcharlescheek) on

Photo Taken by @jessrosecheek

Husband-and-wife duo, Adam and Jess Cheek, are moving back to Bend and we are excited to follow them as they explore the area once again. Adam and Jess are photographers, writers, wellness enthusiasts and content creators. They specialize in storytelling, both through words on their blog and photos of their adventures. Follow @adamcharlescheek, @jessrosecheek, and @cheeksunfiltered to tag along on their various hiking and camping trips.





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A post shared by Courtney Equall (@girlandgrey) on

Bend’s best Instagrammers aren’t just found in nature. Courtney Equall of @girlandgrey shares gorgeous interior shots of various projects, either in her own home or a client’s home. Courtney is a reno and DIY blogger and an interior stylist with lots of talent!



Here’s another account to ensure your feed is not lacking in jaw-dropping photography of Central Oregon. @bend0regon creates a stunning collection of images to create this well-curated feed of outdoor photography from residents and visitors.


@brittrenephoto + @da.koda.bear


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A post shared by Koda (@da.koda.bear) on

Britt of Britt Rene Photography is a fine art wedding photographer who captures love, significant events and simple moments all over the world. She’s also the personal photographer for the Instagram-famous Koda, a husky golden retriever mix. Although Britt travels the world, she calls Bend home, and captures their life in Central Oregon beautifully — most prominently seen on Koda’s account.




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A post shared by Max Rhulen (@maxrhulen) on

Max Rhulen is a Colorado-grown outdoor and adventure photographer now living in Bend. He loves hiking, camping, mountain biking, skiing — and just about any outdoor activity you could imagine. His shots make you want to get outside and explore the beautiful scenery in Central Oregon!



Kari of @kkferb has a knack for capturing stunning moments throughout Central Oregon — whether it’s a closeup of a flower or insect, or a majestic mountain or forest filled with fall colors. She incorporates light and color in a brilliant way.




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A post shared by Dan Price (@danpricephoto) on

Dan Price is a freelance photographer based in Bend who focuses on capturing the beauty of the PNW, chasing light and shadows, and finding a story in each sunset, field, or sand dune. The overall mood of Dan’s account is undeniably soothing, positive, and filled with striking sunsets.




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A post shared by Hasson Company (@hassoncompany) on

The Hasson Company is also on Instagram! We regularly highlight local listings in Bend, showcase inspiring photography, and share the latest from our community-focused blog, The Local Arrow.


Who are your favorite Bendites to follow?

Let us know! There’s no such thing as following too many accounts sharing photos of Bend.

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