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How to Incorporate the Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year Into Your Home

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Although 2018 is far from over, Sherwin-Williams has announced its 2019 Color of the Year! With a color this warm, neutral and soothing, we couldn’t wait to start incorporating it into our decor.

Drum roll, please…

The Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the Year is Cavern Clay SW 7701! This warm terracotta color has ancient, elemental roots, nodding to mid-century modern style with a desert twist.

“This warm, earthy hue is both casual and refined. It can be the backdrop of a playful, welcoming dining room or kitchen when paired with bright tiles, warm stone and sculptural greenery. Complementary materials include leather, simple woodgrains and indigenous cacti in contemporary, sleek gardening planters.” (From the Sherwin-Williams Website)

Cavern Clay

Bringing the outdoors in has been a common theme in the interior design world for several years, and Cavern Clay makes that marriage even more feasible. The color is reminiscent of smooth clay, canyons and deserts, shimmering beaches, and sun-washed summer afternoons.

Whether you add a few accessories nodding to the color or you paint an entire room Cavern Clay, there are so many ways to incorporate this dreamy color into your home. Plus, we’ll take a look at the elements and hues that complement the color well!


Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

As mentioned, Cavern Clay is almost the same hue as most terracotta pots. Pick up several terracotta pots of various sizes and fill them with your favorite houseplants. You can even group several pots in a corner for a more dramatic effect! While terracotta has long been associated with outdoor plants, they are making their way indoors more and more. Terracotta is ideal for cacti, succulents and other plants that like drier soil as the walls of the container naturally draw water out of the soil.


Throw Pillows + Blanket

Kaekoo Pillows

Photo Courtesy of Kaekoo

Adding Cavern Clay throw pillows or other small accessories is an easy (and non-committal!) way to incorporate the color into your space. But it goes a long way in warming up any room. This copper orange pillow and this rust waffle throw from Crate & Barrel are pretty close to Cavern Clay! Kaeley of Kaekoo designed a gorgeous collection of pillows, which includes a number of terracotta-colored options like the Beth, Enid and Blush, and Rosetta in Cream.


A Rug

Cavern Clay Rug

Much like an accent wall, a rug can add a lot of color and character to any space. Plus, it warms up the room significantly — especially if it is a similar hue to Cavern Clay! Opt for a solid terracotta rug (like this one from Home Depot) or nod to it with an intricate design that incorporates the color (like this Kashan rug).



Leather Chair

Some leather tones are almost a perfect match to Cavern Clay. So if you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture or even a leather accessory, adding a leather piece is a sophisticated way to incorporate the color into your space. This leather couch and this leather chair are great examples of Cavern Clay-esque pieces!


An Accent Wall or Entire Room

Wit & Delight

Photos Courtesy of Wit & Delight // Photography by 2ndTruth and Design by SheShe

Of course, one of the most straightforward ways to add Cavern Clay into your home is by painting an accent wall or an entire room this soothing, inviting color. We love how the team at Wit & Delight created a gorgeous abstract accent wall using Cavern Clay in a bedroom! Visit a Sherwin-Williams store near you to pick up your own can of Cavern Clay and all the necessary supplies for your project. Check out the many Sherwin-Williams stores in the Portland area, Southwest Washington, and Bend area.


Painted Furniture

If you’re not quite committed to slapping paint all over the wall but you still want to put your paintbrush to work, you might consider painting a dresser, end table, some chairs, or even a table. Kristin of Hunted Interior thought outside the box by painting a screen divider with Cavern Clay. It almost serves as an on-the-go accent wall, as it can be moved throughout the home and utilized in various spaces.


Complement Cavern Clay

If you opt for painting a room or accent wall, you may be looking for ways to complement the color best. Thankfully, this neutral color is easy to coordinate with!

“Cavern Clay pairs well with other casual, balanced neutrals such as a warm gray or deep brown.” (From the Sherwin-Williams Website)

Cavern Clay

Sherwin-Williams pairs the color with Moth Wing SW 9174 and Dark Clove SW 9183 for a carefree yet sophisticated aesthetic. They also put it with a dusty denim blue like Distance SW 6243 (our favorite pairing!) or a fresh avocado shade, such as Haven SW 6437. Plus, a light neutral like Origami White SW 7636 is always a good accompaniment, and it balances the deep tones of Cavern Clay very well.

Room for Tuesday

Photos Courtesy of Room for Tuesday

Cavern Clay is an incredible complement to greenery and various desert plants, like cacti or succulents. It also goes well with white marble, antique brass details, wood tones, warm stone, and various Southwestern accent pieces. Sarah of Room for Tuesday created an inspiring mood board with various elements that work well with Cavern Clay — and the space she created in her office is equally as inspired.


Test Out Cavern Clay in Your Home

You may be thinking, this sounds great and all, but what about my home? Use the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer to virtually paint a room using any Sherwin-Williams color — including Cavern Clay! You can use their photo or upload your own to envision what this gorgeous color might look like in your home. This is so much easier than trying swatch after swatch on a wall and imagining what a tiny sample would look like on a massive wall!


What About You?

How do you plan to incorporate Cavern Clay into your home? We’d love to know what looks inspire you. Let us know in the comments below!

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