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The 17 Best Coffee Shops in Portland, Mapped

  |  Neighborhood Insight, Portland

Talking about coffee in Portland is like talking about pizza in New York City or cheese in Wisconsin. The overwhelming number of coffee shops throughout Portland adequately reflects the city’s obsession with the fine craft of coffee making. In fact, Portland has been named one of the most caffeinated cities in the country, boasting 737 coffee shops, 600 of which are independent!

Let’s take a look at a sample of the city’s finest coffee shops, from long-time favorites to brand new installments. They may vary in offerings and vibe, but all serve an incredible cup of coffee.

Use our interactive map to make your caffeinated journey even more convenient!


The Great North

7373 North Burlington Avenue

Situated in the heart of St. Johns, The Great North is an exceptional coffee shop serving coffee from Coava, tea from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company, and pastries from Baron Patisserie and Petunia’s Pies & Pastries. Plus, The Great North makes all of their own syrups, sauces, chai and specialty sodas in-house, ensuring the highest quality and natural ingredients. Stop by this cozy neighborhood coffee shop for a latte or a quick bite to eat (they have breakfast sandwiches and yogurt bowls, too!).



1300 Southeast Grand Avenue, 2631 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard + 1171 Southwest Jefferson Street

Coava Portland

Photo Courtesy of Coava

Coava is the ideal shop for the coffee connoisseur, as the art of coffee brewing is taken very seriously here. At each of its three locations in the city, expert baristas craft the perfect cup — starting with intentional sourcing from the best coffee producers around the globe and culminating with the perfect brew in front of your eyes. The newest addition on Hawthorne has a bright and airy feel, while the Coava on Southeast Grand shares a space with a woodshop, creating a warm and rustic atmosphere.



8235 Southeast 13th Avenue #2 + 4003 North Williams Avenue

You’re in for a treat at either of Either/Or’s locations in the city. The original Sellwood location is tiny and inviting, while their second location on North Williams offers plenty of space to sit and sip on Either/Or’s renowned Tanglewood chai — or a cocktail or mocktail, as this location stays open until midnight every night! This coffee shop is so quintessentially “Portland”. After all, the shop was named after the third studio album from Elliott Smith, who spent much of his life in Portland.


Upper Left Roasters

1204 Southeast Clay Street

Upper Left Roasters Portland

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Wojack via Upper Left Roasters

Opening in August 2015, this relatively new addition to Ladd’s Addition is already making waves in the local coffee scene. Upper Left Roasters roasts a number of ethically sourced, single-origin beans and blends in their vibrant cafe. The cafe itself is undeniably Instagram-worthy, with bright white walls, modern decor, and large light wood tables. Pair your drink of choice with a delicious toast made with bread from Little t Baker.



3207 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard

Just as no Portland restaurant list would be complete without mention of its many food carts, no list about coffee in the city would be complete without mention of a mobile coffee shop. Tōv is Portland’s only double-decker coffee bus, serving Egyptian coffee and tea, traditional espresso beverages, and authentic Turkish drinks. Don’t worry — this coffee-shop-on-wheels won’t roll away any time soon, as it has been parked on Southeast Hawthorne since 2015! The second level is decked out with a roof, colorful rugs and cushions, and a few comfortable seats.


Never Coffee Lab

4243 Southeast Belmont Street

Never Coffee Lab Portland

Photo Courtesy of Never Coffee Lab

You can’t leave Never Coffee Lab without a boost in your spirit — due to both the colorful motif and exceptional drinks. Along with the signature drink menu, all standard flavors at Never Coffee Lab are handcrafted in-house with quality ingredients sourced locally and internationally. Don’t miss their popular Midnight Oil latte, made with sweet fennel seed, star anise, and black licorice. We can’t describe it any better than the menu itself: “The Scandinavian love of black licorice wrapped in a pillowy latte. It’s dark, moody, and scary delicious with a sweetness that haunts you, stalks you, and eventually devours you.”



537 Southwest 12th Avenue, 2211 East Burnside Street, 5181 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard + 923 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard

Heart is getting back to the heart of crafting good ole quality coffee at each of their locations across the city. The motivation behind their coffee is simple: uncompromising quality. The bright, minimalist interiors at each Heart cafe provides the ideal setting to sip on their coffee, which is mainly sourced from Central America, South America, and Africa. Their coffee is roasted to the ideal degree, while fully developing complex flavors and bringing out delicate clarity. It is then cupped in the lab and must pass a specific standard of excellence before it ever touches your lips!


Kainos Coffee

6633 Northeast Sandy Boulevard

Kainos Coffee Portland

Photo Courtesy of Kainos Coffee

This vibrant cafe has added a dose of sunshine and delicious coffee to the Roseway neighborhood ever since opening their doors in 2016. Kainos has a playful interior with a striking geometric mural, industrial lighting, and touches of neon. The only thing better than their delicious coffee? Kainos donates 21 percent of their profits to LifeChild Asia Foundation, a nonprofit assisting impoverished children in the Philippines.



923 Southwest Oak Street

This quaint, hip shop in the heart of downtown should not be missed. Courier delivers some of the best coffee around, catering to an on-the-go lifestyle without compromising an ounce of quality. Get a preview of the simple menu from the sidewalk, as the drinks are painted in white lettering across the window — including “Portland Tap Water” served sparkling or still. Each coffee is made to order, and beans are roasted daily at 4019 Southeast Hawthorne.


Good Coffee

4747 Southeast Division Street, 1150 Southeast 12th Avenue + 2175 Northwest Raleigh Street #106

Good Coffee Portland

Photo Courtesy of Good Coffee

Of course you can expect good coffee from a place called Good Coffee. This place sure lives up to its name, serving an array of coffee drinks at three locations across the city. Spice things up with one of the seasonal lattes made with a fancy concoction of ingredients — or stick to filter coffee or a tried-and-true espresso offering. All three locations of Good Coffee feel refreshingly relaxed, with the decor and plants you might find at home — with a hip coffee shop twist.



539 Northwest 13th Avenue, 529 Southwest 3rd Avenue #110, 823 Northwest 23rd Avenue, 126 Southwest 2nd Avenue + 1725 Northeast Alberta Street

With five locations throughout the city, you have plenty of opportunities to visit this long-time Portland favorite. Barista is the coffee shop for, you guessed it — baristas. The attention to the craft is obvious at this local chain, which employs timeless design differing from the bright and modern shops dotting the city. Barista showcases some of the best national roasters so their baristas don’t bother with roasting and can solely focus on crafting each cup with expertise.


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

1026 Southwest Stark Street, 128 Southwest 3rd Avenue, 3356 Southeast Belmont Street + 4525 Southeast Division Street


Stumptown Coffee Roasters PortlandStumptown Coffee Roasters is considered one of the pioneers of the thriving coffee community in Portland — and the third wave coffee movement as a whole. This mainstay may have opened its flagship doors in 1999, but Stumptown’s practices are anything but dated. In fact, you can still get some of the best coffee in the city at any of its many locations across town, or all the way across the country in New York City.



Prince Coffee

2030 North Willis Boulevard + 4523 Northeast Fremont Street

Prince Coffee Portland

Photo Courtesy of Prince Coffee

Over the past few years, Prince Coffee has established itself as a favorite in the Kenton neighborhood — and now at its second location in Beaumont. The original location is filled with eclectic vintage decor, and the space itself is unique — as Prince shares a space with a custom upholstery store. Pair your coffee with the other offering Prince is known for — Dutch stroopwafels, a sweet waffle made with two thin layers of baked dough filled with caramel syrup.


Proud Mary Cafe

2012 Northeast Alberta Street

While this gorgeous shop is a recent addition to Portland, it has a longer (and more exotic!) history than some may realize. Proud Mary was founded by husband-and-wife Nolan and Shari Hirte in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. Their first U.S. location is in North Portland. Proud Mary has a stunning interior comprised of concrete floors, wooden details, brick, unique tile work, and moody light fixtures. The coffee is as exceptional as the design; in fact, many local shops source their beans from Proud Mary!



2393 Northeast Fremont Street Suite B

Guilder Portland

Photo Courtesy of Damian Riehl via Guilder

Don’t miss this unique Princess Bride-themed shop in the Alameda neighborhood. Guilder serves their very own roasted coffee, called Junior’s Roasted Coffee, which can be purchased by the bag. In addition to the incredible coffee offerings at Guilder, you’ll find plenty to eat and drink on their full menu, including porridge, hash, toast, sandwiches, salads, and even cocktails and wine!



518 Northwest 21st Avenue

If you’ve been around the Portland coffee block, you may not recognize the interior of this one. In late 2017, Sterling Coffee Roasters relocated to a new space just down the block, expanding in size yet not compromising in quality. This classy and sophisticated shop is filled with unique artwork and decor, including beautiful floral wallpaper behind the bar. And despite the formal attire the baristas wear, the vibe of this neighborhood shop is welcoming and intimate, complemented by an undeniably exceptional cup of coffee.


Jet Black Coffee Company

11150 Northeast Weidler Street

Jet Black Coffee Company Portland

Photo Courtesy of Jet Black Coffee Company

Situated next door to Food Fight! Vegan Grocery, Jet Black is a vegan coffee shop filled with music, plants, and of course — coffee. Two friends, Karla and Travis, opened Jet Black with a musical focus, and even included several nods to one of their favorite bands, Jawbreaker, throughout the shop. You’ll find a myriad of drinks on their menu, labeled by “Coffee” and “Not Coffee,” and everything is plant-based, from the milk substitutes to the delicious pastries and baked goods from Sweetpea Baking Company, Shoofly Vegan Bakery, and Back to Eden Bakery.


Happy Coffee Sipping!

Which Portland coffee shop is your favorite? We’ve just skimmed the surface and we’d love to get your input. Let us know in the comments below!

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