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Hasson Company Broker Spotlight 2018: Mike Hall

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Hasson Company principal broker Mike Hall enjoys calling the Portland area his home and helping others find their home in the area, too. The two go hand-in-hand, as he can fully embrace all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer alongside his career as a broker with the Hasson Company. Mike is passionate about sharing his personal stories and secrets about the area he has known since 1993, yet is willing to listen to the differing needs, situations, goals and stories of each of his clients.

“My prime concern is doing excellent work that serves my clients,” he said. “I want to be known for excellence and have developed a strong following among busy professionals who know and value the difference that exceptional care can make for them.”

Mike Hall Hasson Company, Realtors

Back in 1993, Mike and his wife, Suzanne, forged their way to the Northwest before kids, and have raised two here. The couple owned Sterling Mortgage from 1994 to 2008, and during those years, he can proudly say they helped thousands of people buy their dream homes the right way when the mortgage world imploded from a variety of ills. Working through thousands of home purchases, he covered ground that most Realtors never have the opportunity to see.

Between his dad and his daughter, Mike is in the middle of three generations of real estate brokers. He has steeped in the lingo and lifestyle of the real estate industry for as long as he can remember! In true Portland fashion, Mike feels he has had a chance to “upcycle” his talents, moving from the finance world to the brokerage side, which feels like a better fit to him. He is able to advocate for his clients during the most important and complex transaction they are likely to undertake.

“Building the trust to do this work well is extremely fulfilling,” he said. “I get to help people literally bring their dreams into reality. I don’t imagine ever wanting to hang up my boots.”

Speaking of boots, when Mike is not advocating for clients in the real estate space, he loves to explore the great outdoors. During his free time, you are likely to find Mike somewhere out on a hiking trail enjoying the spectacular beauty the Northwest has to offer. And if he can bring a backpack or fly-rod along with him, or spend a few days out on the trail — all the better. Mike feels the PNW is a natural fit for him, as he has a strong spirit of adventure and a fondness for the outdoors. He does, after all, share some DNA with Daniel Boone!

On a perfect day, Mike would bring his family and friends along for his outdoor adventure, as his personal relationships are of utmost importance to him. He loves sharing a drink or a simple meal with friends, both old and new. Mike also loves sharing his collection of old maps, some centuries old, and all authentic and fascinating to admire.

Mike Hall Hasson Company, Realtors

After 20 years of living in the Palisades neighborhood of Lake Oswego, he considers it home sweet home. Some of his favorite local spots include Momo Sushi Grill and Ace Hardware, where you can get just about anything you need for a project around the house for reasonable prices. He is passionate about skipping the big box store experience and buying (and eating!) local.

“The options [in the Palisades] are great to go walking, whether in the neighborhood, up on Cooks Butte, or out around Luscher Farm,” Mike said. “The treed streets are full of friendly neighbors and you have easy access to services, but there’s peace and quiet within the city.”

Mike serves the Portland Metro area from the inner east side to a number of suburbs to the west and south. His main areas of focus include Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Tualatin and Wilsonville.

Contact Mike Hall if you are looking for a trustworthy broker in the Portland Metro area. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about the communities he serves and has a vast understanding of the real estate industry, in both the brokerage and mortgage space. Plus, Mike has explored many of the woods, parks and trails in the area, so he can steer you in the direction of a good hiking trail or fly fishing spot!

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