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Hasson Sponsors Beauty and the Beast 2017

  |  Company News

Once again, join the Hasson Company, Belle, the Beast, and Gaston in this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast, presented by Pixie Dust Productions. We feel lucky that we have been able to sponsor Beauty and the Beast for the last two years, as it has become as much of a tradition within our offices as it is with Pixie Dust Productions.
Pixie Dust Productions represents much of what Hasson stands for in our local community. By employing a creative team that is entirely made up of individuals from Oregon and Washington, Pixie Dust Productions showcases local talent at their highest potential. Being a locally owned and operated company ourselves, we see tremendous value in using local resources.
By being a sponsor, the Hasson Company is able to further take an active role in the community and ensure that all the aspects that make it a unique and enjoyable place to live can remain.
To learn more about Pixie Dust Productions or score tickets to an upcoming show, check out their website.

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