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Broker Spotlight 2017: Kim Borcherding

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While all of our brokers care about the communities they live and work in, Irving broker Kim Borcherding takes it above and beyond. She is passionate about connecting with others to create a safe, enjoyable neighborhood for the community to enjoy together.
If you live in the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood there’s a good chance you have seen her around. She hosts booths at the neighborhood summer concerts, holds a board position for the neighborhood association, and this summer when she noticed that a local school’s bathrooms left a lot to the imagination, she organized the community to come together to spruce them up, paintbrush in hand. She works hard and she’s passionate about her community, so it’s no surprise that she has spearheaded a Pay it Forward challenge.


STEP #1: You, and at least 3 others, get together and do something to positively contribute to your community. What does that mean? You get off your butt and help out! Volunteer at a food bank, collect coats for a coat drive, host a giving tree for items needed for foster kids, do yard clean up at a senior citizens homes (post an ad on nextdoor offering help), deliver meals on Thanksgiving morning to homebound seniors….there are so many people out there that need help. Need more ideas? Ask Kim!

STEP 2: You complete your activity by Nov 30th and send Kim a video describing what you did (a selfie camera phone video is fine, nothing fancy)

STEP #3: Each participant will be entered into a drawing for an AMAZING prize! Chef Jason French, owner of Ned Ludd Restaurant and Elder Hall, will come to YOUR home to cook dinner for 6 guests with wine! Are you kidding me?! Jason is a very cool dude and this will be a very special evening for the lucky winner!

STEP #4: If you don’t live in Portland (which means Jason will not come to your house, then I will have a separate category for a $100 cash prize! So, non- Portland people—-I encourage you to participate!
If you have questions, reach out to Kim at (503) 504-0234 or

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