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Portland’s Historic Movie Madness

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Since 1991, Movie Madness has opened it’s doors and proudly displayed their vast collection of 80,000+ movie titles and priceless memorabilia. The store has become a part of Portland’s identity and a place movie lovers flock too, not to mention it’s one of the last video rental stores in town. But, after 26+ years, owner Mike Clark is ready for retirement. Fortunately for us, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Movie Madness.
The Hollywood Theatre is here to save the day! This non-profit organization aims to raise enough money through a kickstarter campaign to purchase the store and incorporate it into their non-profit.

We’re fortunate to live in a city full of culture and character and thanks to organizations such as the Hollywood Theatre, we’re able to remember and preserve. As Portland grows, change is inevitable. It’s up to community members to keep what’s important to them alive.

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