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Pixie Dust Productions Presents: Billy Elliot

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Hasson Company is proud to announce that we are the Presenting Sponsor of another upcoming Pixie Dust Productions performance. This time, Billy Elliot! Billy Elliot will have 12 shows between September 16th and October 1st. For tickets visit
As we have shared from previous sponsorships, the Hasson Company places an extremely high value on the arts. They contribute greatly to any community and offer an outlet to express life, culture, and individuality. By sponsoring a production, we are able to help ensure that those in our communities will be able to both perform in and experience the arts in their own backyard.
By employing a creative team that is entirely made up of individuals from Oregon and Washington, Pixie Dust Productions showcases local talent at their highest potential. With the amazing network of cast and crew in the Pacific Northwest, they are able to consistently deliver high-end musicals to the Portland area and for that we are forever grateful.
By being a sponsor, the Hasson Company is able to further take an active role in the community and ensure that all the aspects that make it a unique and enjoyable place to live can remain.
To learn more about Pixie Dust Productions or score tickets to an upcoming show, check out their website:

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