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Make Your Home Guest Ready

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When you’re fortunate enough to have extra space in your home, you often have the benefit (or burden) of hosting friends and family when they come into town. Creating the ultimate guest space doesn’t require much on your end, but it does make a world of difference for your guests. To make the stay easy and enjoyable, it’s nice to have all the essentials (and more) ready ahead of time. Here are some tips on how you can prepare.

The Room

Begin by making it as private as possible. Not everyone has a room to spare for their guests, so this might mean they are set up on an air mattress somewhere in the house or staying in another family member’s room. To ensure that the space feels like their own, you can set up a folding screen, close doors, or remove all necessary items from the room they are staying in so that the area doesn’t have to be shared. By offering this small amount of privacy, it becomes a place where your guest can knowingly relax and get out of your hair.
Regardless of the location, make sure necessary items such as towels, linens, and extra blankets are readily available. Your guests can adjust the bed to their comfort level without disturbing you. And, if possible, provide a small mirror and table for them to unload items and check their appearance before leaving their room.

The Amenities

Because the question will inevitably be asked, have your wifi password written down and either placed in the room or an easy to find location. In their designated bathroom create a space for extra items, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, q-tips, etc. Many of these items are forgotten in the packing process and having them out in the open will make your guests feel comfortable helping themselves.
Your guests will also appreciate you thinking ahead and preparing for other needs. This might include providing a couple books or magazines to flip through, a bottle of water, a box of tissues, or someplace to store their luggage. If they’ll be exploring the area on their own, go over how to use public transportation, regular routes they might use, and local sites that are a must see.

Something Extra

And because your guests are likely from out of town, we suggest going the extra step and introducing them to some of your local products. For those in the Portland Metro area this might mean chocolates from Alma Chocolate or Cacao, candles from Bridge Nine Candle Co, various tea blends from Townshend’s Tea, or some fresh salami from Olympia Provisions.
If you’re in Central Oregon, be sure to show off soothing lotions and scrubs from Angelina Skin Care, some of their favorite spirits from Bend Distillery, or a sampling of tasty treats from Sisters Olive and Nut Co.
Fill up a growler of your guests favorite brew at one of the many local Vancouver breweries, such as 54° 40’ Brewing Co., Loowit Brewing Company, or Fortside Brewing Company. Grab some gourmet truffles and fudge from Fleur Chocolatte or treat them to a pastry at Baron Patisserie.
Whether it’s two days or two weeks, hosting family and friends can be a tiring experience. It’s our hope that by having the above items prepped and available, all parties will be more comfortable and enjoy the experience.

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