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Vacation Planning 101

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This winter has us dreaming of relaxing in the sun, so you can say we’re taking our vacation planning especially serious this year. Whether it’s for spring break, summer, or a weekend in between, it’s time to start planning the next adventure. To get you started, we’ve compiled some helpful steps below. Now get going!

1) Decide what kind of vacation it will be – Are you looking to go on a trip alone and receive that much deserved relaxation or will you be going on an adventure filled vacation with the whole family? While this step helps you narrow down options, there are many places that can serve both purposes. So, if you need a little “me time” hold strong. While it may seem impossible, we promise there are many spots that will make everyone happy.


2) Plan out your budget – Perhaps the cold pushed you over the edge and a spur of the moment vacation is required immediately. Or, maybe you judiciously saved up to splurge on a moment just like this. By narrowing in on your budget, it becomes more obvious how far you’ll be able to travel. When traveling with the whole family, driving is often a cheaper option and many cool spots are just a short car ride away.


3) Choose a Destination – We’re picturing palm trees and sandy beaches, but perhaps fir trees and a creek are more your style. With a firm budget and vision of what you’re looking to experience in mind, we hope that narrowing in on a destination comes easy. The Internet is a great tool for researching, but don’t forget about your friends. Talking it out and hearing about others experiences and future trips might provide you with a spark of inspiration.


4) Check Schedules – Summer is a busy time and carving out enough for travel can be tricky. This is all the more reason to plan ahead! Book early and mark it in everyone’s calendar. If you’re planning a trip with others, having a shared Google calendar is a great way to compare schedules and find an open slot that works for everybody.


5) Snag a Deal – Use sites such as Priceline, Kayak, or Expedia to look at deals for flights and hotels. They often have bundle packages that can help save some money. Airbnb is also a great alternative when traveling with family. The added bonus of having a kitchen can cut down on a lot of dining out and giving your family more room to move around is never a bad thing.


6) Lock it in – book it now! You’ve done your research and deserve this vacation more than ever.

Pack up your sunscreen and shorts; you’re going on vacation! As this winter continues to move forward full steam ahead, just remember that in a couple of months you’ll be warming up in the hot, hot sun.

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