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Give Your Kitchen A Refresh

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The kitchen is arguably the most important room of the house. As the formal dining room becomes obsolete, the kitchen helps fill the void and brings families together for meals and to make memories. It is a place where traditions are passed down and good times are had. And, as it stands as the hub of your home, it serves you better when it reflects exactly who you are and invokes happy thoughts.

But, after spending all winter trapped indoors, it’s quite possible that your once perfect kitchen has lost some of its charm. Now may be the perfect time for a refresh and we’re here to give you some ideas! Kitchen trends for 2017 are popping up all over the place and below we’ve compiled some of our favorites so you can decide what might work best in your home.

Quartz Countertops

While not a new trend, we can’t deny the countertop’s growing popularity. This Old House provides a quick overview, but here’s what we love: the durability, the easy care, and the variety. Because these slabs are created in a factory, you can achieve any style you want with the added benefit of it being quartz. The pieces can mimic other stones such as granite and limestone, be a warm light beige or a solid black, or have sparkles, swirls, or speckles added throughout. The possibilities are truly endless and this refresh will make a huge difference to your kitchen and last for years to come. Precision Countertops has a wide variety of quartz available and has locations both in the Portland Metro area and Bend.

Copper Accents

While this trend may be considered a fad, we can’t help but love a good copper accent. The warmth that the copper provides compliments earthy and neutral tones, while creating a trendy and up-to-date look. It can come in the form of hardware, light fixtures, a vent hood, or even a copper pot set displayed through open storage. Various accessories can help you easily introduce this trend into your home. Start small with the below wire basket, spoon rest, or KitchenAid Mixer.



Mix and Match

It can be very easy for kitchens to fall into a monochromatic scheme – white, grey, and beige are in fact some of the most popular colors. To make your kitchen seem fresh and new, sometimes all you need is to mix and match colors and textures! One of our favorite looks is to pair a wood top kitchen cart with light gray countertops. It adds warmth to the space, provides extra surface area, and can come in a variety of sizes depending on the space that needs to be filled. Area rugs and dish towels add color and texture to the kitchen and can be easily exchanged if you’ve had enough.

Even giving your kitchen a good cleaning can make it feel fresh and new. It’s important to choose styles you feel comfortable with and ones that are compatible with the rest of your house. You want it to be a style that lasts and most importantly makes you happy!

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