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Where to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution
  |  Central Oregon, Homecare & Lifestyle, Portland, Southwest Washington

New year, new you – or at least that’s how it’s supposed to go. It’s the end of December and time to decide on your New Year’s resolution. Whether you’re hoping to shed those extra pounds or perhaps expand upon your literary knowledge, we’ve compiled a shortlist of ways you can accomplish your goal. We know we have some big plans for 2017 and we’re excited to see what you can achieve as well. Check out our ideas below!
This year you are going to….eat healthier! It is all too easy to put eating healthy on the backburner. When you’re running from one location to the next, fast food often seems like the only option. But, this year we encourage you to skip the drive through and focus on creating healthy, delicious meals. To stock up on ideas and sharpen your skills, we suggest you take a cooking class! Bend’s Cascade Culinary Institute offers a range of cooking classes including the upcoming “A New Year, A New You” that helps you start fresh and eat healthy this new year. Portland’s Hipcooks and Vancouver’s Class Cooking will also give you the prep you need to create fresh, new dishes.
….Get fit! What you eat is a large part of getting healthy, but a little physical activity goes a long way. While this popular resolution may leave the gyms near you crowded, seeing others pursuing their goal may be the extra motivation you need to finally commit. Some work out facilities offer New Year specials, like Bend’s Beyond Yoga, to help those with this resolution get started. But, if miss out on those deals there’s no need to worry. Many gyms and workout classes like 24 Hour Fitness and Flow Hot Yoga offer new client specials to give you a feel for the workout before you sign on full time.
….Learn a new skill! As you grow older, it’s important to learn new skills to keep the mind sharp. Whether you want to play the piano, learn a new language, or become a master artist, there are hundreds of resources you can use. Bend offers Community Learning and the city of Vancouver has a long list of resources as well. Order a drawing for beginners book off Amazon or invest in Rosetta Stone – it’s time to get started!
….Enhance the mind! Sometimes learning a new skill is a little more of a commitment than you signed up for, but you can still exercise the mind by simply reading. Whether you prefer non-fiction or the latest sci-fi novel, make reading fun by visiting local bookstores and coffee shops. If you’re in Bend, The Open Book or Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe are great places to locate the perfect novel and enjoy it. The Open Book has been a part of the Bend bookstore community for over 30 years and Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe provides you with a caffeine boost and a cozy nook to finish your next chapter. When shopping for a book you can’t not go to Portland’s Powell’s Books and Vancouver has some cool spots as well. Between Vintage Books and Boomerang, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye.
….Help others! Sometimes the resolution you choose not only enhances your life, but enhances the lives of others. There are hundreds of places to volunteer and narrowing it down might be the hardest part. As a starting point, Bend, OR, Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR all have sites that advertise various volunteer opportunities. Choose something you’re passionate about and you will truly make a difference.
Whatever you choose to make your New Year’s resolution, we want you to go for it! Let us know what you can accomplish!

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