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Your Local Slice of Pie

  |  Central Oregon, Portland, Southwest Washington

While much of your focus is on appetizers and entrees when composing a successful holiday meal, the most important component is arguably the dessert that caps off a wonderful evening with family and friends. And during this holiday season, pie will surely be on the menu.
In an ideal world, many of the pies that fill your table will be beautifully handcrafted from a family recipe that has been passed down from generations and generations, but the truth is that many of us just don’t have the time. Luckily, thanks to our local bakeries, you can still get that homemade feeling without spending hours in the kitchen.
Whether it’s pumpkin, apple, or pecan that does it for you, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite local bakeries in the Portland Metro, Central Oregon, and SW Washington areas that will add something special to your holiday meal.

Vancouver, WA

Larson’s Bakery has been serving the Vancouver area since 1986 and is family owned and operated, with many of their recipes belonging to their Swedish ancestors who came to America in 1923. While specializing in a variety of desserts, Larson’s boasts a wide selection of pies that can help put you into the holiday spirit. Peachtree Restaurant and Pie House is another staple of the Vancouver area that serves the “best homemade pies in Clark County” with over 35 different pies to choose from. Lastly, you can’t talk about baked goods in Vancouver without mentioning Treat. With a fun dessert menu already in place, Treat has curated specialty baked goods to come in single serving form, so that there’s no fear of overeating.

Central Oregon

If you’re spending time in Bend, be sure to stop by Nancy P’s Cafe & Bakery and The Sparrow Bakery to satisfy your dessert sweet tooth this holiday season. Both serve a variety of mouthwatering baked goods that offer classic flavors to please any palate. Over in Sisters, OR, stop by Sisters Bakery to get pies that are made fresh daily. They even keep a reserve of frozen pies that you can take home and bake yourself so that you get all the credit.

Portland Metro

While there’s no lack of quirky dessert shops around Portland, a few stood out to us as being truly noteworthy in the pie department. Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery has a pie bar where they specialize in baking sweet and savory pies from scratch. Travel & Leisure Magazine even ranked their pies among “America’s Best” – this place cannot be missed.  Pacific Pie Company not only delivers tasty treats, but they also offer classes on how to properly bake them. So, if you’re looking to take on the challenge of crafting the perfect pie for your family, be sure to stop in for tips. Starting as a booth at the Farmer’s Market in 2011, Lauretta Jean’s quickly established a fan base and moved into their first brick and mortar store that same year. With a crust that can’t be beat, Lauretta Jean’s offers everything from the classics to their very own creative recipes.

Hope you enjoy!

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