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Roasting, Boasting – Pacific Northwest Coffee

  |  Central Oregon, Portland, Southwest Washington

If you’re a Pacific Northwest native, you might take for granted the abundance of quality coffee you have at your fingertips. Recent history has seen the attention we pay and the commitment we have to quality roasting pay off for our bean-based entrepreneurs as they soar into national spotlights, striking deals along the way.

While we here at the Hasson Company are often more concerned with the layout of kitchen rather than the contents of its coffee cabinets, we do still enjoy a good cup (or two…) to get the day going.

This month, we want to share some of our favorites from all the Pacific Northwest local Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 3.45.49 PMcommunities in which we operate. Some of them are big fish that all our new neighbors should definitely check out, and some are just getting started but equally deserving of your support, and, just as importantly – your taste-buds!



With all the excitement about Portland’s coffee scene, you might have missed these incredible roasters from sunny Central Oregon. The casual high-desert coffee fandom pairs well with their legendary (yet oh so humble) craft beer scene, and as winter gets closer we’re getting more and more excited to head up onto the slopes with a thermos full of hot coffee.

Our Favorites:


Lone Pine



Another thriving coffee scene, this city of apt brewers are constantly innovating and perfecting their trade. While most keep a low profile, these brilliant brewers keep us comping back morning after morning with their criminally under-recognized yet deeply loved coffee.

Our Favorites:

Paper Tiger

Compass Coffee

BJ’s Coffee Roasters

Olympia Coffee


The one and only Portland has a coffee scene that’s difficult to accurately describe with anything less than a book (or perhaps an anthology would be more suiting?). No matter what your preference is – light or dark, cold brew or pour over – or even a vacuum pot siphon, you’ll be able to find it and probably a few variations you’ve never heard of in this craft-centric city.

Our Favorites:


Water Avenue


Upper Left

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 3.48.11 PMStill thirsty? Check out this comprehensive list of roasters from Willamette Week featuring dozens more – many who sell throughout the Pacific Northwest!


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