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Broker Spotlight: Lee McKnight in Creston/Kenilworth

  |  Featured Neighborhood, Portland

The Pacific Northwest is rich with incredible neighborhoods, and no brokers understand them better than those at the Hasson Company. They live and breath these neighborhoods, they’re engrained within our communities, and they understand the importance of giving back.


This is the sixth installment in our 2016 campaign, featured on KGW and HGTV, designed to spotlight some of those incredible neighborhoods and the dedicated brokers who call them home. Perhaps you’ve seen Lee’s commercial on TV?

Today our campaign takes us into Portland’s Southeast region, where Lee McKnight shows us the grit and charm of the Creston/Kenilworth neighborhood. Coffee shops and historic homes rub shoulders comfortably with modern style and beautiful parks in this neighborhood, and living there feels quintessentially Portland. It’s a neighborhood that Lee has worked in for 20 years, and it’s also one of her favorites in the entire city.

Lee McKnight photoFor Lee, real estate is more than a job, it’s a public service.

Matching homes to families is a process that shapes a community at the most granular level, and that’s something Lee never forgets as she works with her clients. Portland is special, and playing a roll in the development of each community is a job Lee takes seriously.

Lee considers herself a navigator not only of the market itself; she works hard to understand the lives and dreams of her clients, so as to guide them towards the best solution for their buying or selling needs.

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