A Word From Our Brokers


I worked for my father’s company for eight years. When he retired there was no question in my mind about what company I would work for. Mike Hasson is a hands-on owner who truly cares about the caliber of agent he hires. When you see a Hasson sign you know it’s an agent with experience and a company that stands firmly behind them. - Erin Rothrock, Hasson agent since 2000


I think of The Hasson Company as the Nordstrom of real estate. Knowledgeable, great support, relaxed working environment, yet extremely professional. - Val Thorpe, Hasson agent since 2001


The quality of people here, including staff, managers and agents, make this a place where I like to come to work every day. - Patti Hansen, Hasson agent since 1995


The structure at Hasson is set up so that I have control over my own business and the particular market that I’m courting. This allows for lots of individuality. I can tailor my business to reflect my own personal style. Additionally, I feel ready to face the market that I specialize in based on the networking that takes place every day in my office. - Beth Davies, Hasson agent since 1998