A Word From Our Brokers


I worked for my father’s company for eight years. When he retired there was no question in my mind about what company I would work for. Mike Hasson is a hands-on owner who truly cares about the caliber of agent he hires. When you see a Hasson sign you know it’s an agent with experience and a company that stands firmly behind them. - Erin Rothrock, Hasson agent since 2000


I think of The Hasson Company as the Nordstrom of real estate. Knowledgeable, great support, relaxed working environment, yet extremely professional. - Val Thorpe, Hasson agent since 2001


The quality of people here, including staff, managers and agents, make this a place where I like to come to work every day. - Patti Hansen, Hasson agent since 1995


When I decided to become a Realtor I wanted to be very specific about the brokerage with whom I chose to affiliate. I met with lots of folks from all the major players, paying attention to things like office culture, and presentation of brand. Hasson was the only Brokerage that had me meet with them more than once, and challenged me to explain my business plan. It was clear from the first meeting, Hasson was thinking about the long term. The Hasson Company has a clear commitment to providing its Brokers with outstanding technology and support, as well as preserving its legacy as a boutique luxury brokerage. I am proud to align my personal brand with such a stalwart and respected company. - Dustin Pruitt, Hasson agent since 2014


Belonging to the Hasson company is just that- belonging. This is a crew. A true team effort. As an independent contractor, one can feel a bit detached from others, but not at the Hasson Company. The Marketing Department has much to do with this. They reach out, they listen, and they do. They are an integral part of our weekly meetings, keeping us informed of local and statewide events, regionally promoting our listings and the company, and revealing cutting edge ways to remain as a key presence and at the forefront of the Oregon real estate industry. They are happy, upbeat and fun! I feel grateful to work with a group of people committed to being engaged in their trade and always striving for whats best. Thank you marketing crew for all that you do! - Kendall Bergstrom-Delancellotti, Hasson agent since 2012


I have been working with Hasson Company Realtors for over 5 years. The culture of professionalism is inspiring. The amazing leadership and support from ownership, management and throughout the company has allowed me to learn and grow my business well beyond my goals. Hasson Company is not only a special group of industry leaders, but also an amazing group of people that I am proud to work with and call friends. - David Wiek, Hasson agent since 2012


While I was working on getting my real estate license, I made a point of speaking with several real estate companies in Portland. I could tell immediately when I met with Michael Hasson, Lynae Forbes and Ward Spears that the Hasson Company had set a bar very high for their agents compared to other brokerages that I spoke with. What I admired most was their vision for the industry as a whole, the integrity they expect from their agents and the support they offered in teaching you how to be not only a successful agent, but a respected one by your colleagues. When you are starting a business, it's no secret that most of your energy goes into mining new business. The Hasson Company has hired some very talented and smart individuals that take the guess-work out of figuring out how to market to new prospects and sit down to teach you how to build a database. I found that other companies could not hold a candle to the quality of the marketing team's work as well as the technical way they roll out their innovative ideas. - Shelley Zavitz, Hasson agent since 2015