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Located on the northern edge of Lake Oswego, this wooded refuge is nestled cozily into the southern portion of the Western Hills and provides easy access to Portland without any of the noisy urban density.



Aptly named, this architecturally diverse and naturally gorgeous neighborhood feels like an alpine dream. Incredible valley views on its eastern border (including a few of Mt. Hood), exquisite craftsman homes, top-notch schools, and serene parks give residents room to breath and live comfortably.



A suburb that looks like anything but, Forest Highlands is a neighborhood with a scene of peaceful community. With its abundance of schools, children will often find friends on their street to play and grow up with. When you want to go out, you'll have easy access to the charming town of Lake Oswego, or the thrill of downtown Portland- whichever suits your mood.



Outdoor lovers will instantly fall in love with the large parks in this area. A robust system of hiking, cycling, and even horse trails crisscross Tyron Creek and River View parks, while the smaller Pine Cone and Woodmont Natural parks provide excellent lunch-time escapes. For those who love to get lost in nature, but still have a demanding schedule, the convenience of these easily accessible parks is impossible to beat.

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